Thursday, 27 July 2017

3. Special Character Week 1, term 3 2017

First Communion
This term there are a number of students who will be making their First Communion on Sunday August 20 at 9.30am. They will be attending sessions each Wednesday in helping to prepare for this. We send prayers to each family in their journey to prepare their child making First Communion. 

There will be a parent meeting for those involved with First Communion on Monday July 31@ 7pm in the staffroom.

 Faith Facts

Saints Joachim and Anne

Many of the images of Saint Joachim and Anne, the Mother 
of Mary, depict a loving couple. 
The couple early became models of Christian marriage.
At one time, July 26 was the feast of St. 
Anne only, but in the new calendar the two 
feasts of the parents of the Blessed Virgin 
Mary are celebrated together. According 
early writings 170, Joachim was a 
prominent and respected man who had no 
children. In answer to Anne’s and 
Joachim’s prayers, Mary was born and was dedicated to 
God at a very early age.

Icon by Maria Diaz, San Francisco

On Saturday 22nd July it was the Feast of St Mary Magdalene. Pope Francis in discussing Saint Mary Magdalene said she became “the apostle of the new and greatest hope.” Her life was changed because she had “seen the Lord...Mary’s experience is an example for us, too.”  If we place Jesus at the centre of all that we do, Jesus, who is  “is our strength, and our hope,” will change our lives too, Francis said. (General audience, May 2017)

God Bless
Nicola Winders

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