Thursday, 1 December 2016

4. Buddy Reading with Yr 3 and Yr 6

Each week the Yr 6 students buddy up with the Yr 3 children and read to them.  Here are a few comments from the children.

“What I liked about buddy reading was how the kids listened extremely well to me and had a positive attitudes about it. I t was nice that the younger kids offered to read the book to me and wanted me to listen to them.” Zyanya Pe

“I have enjoyed buddy reading with the year 3 class because they are very kind to all of us and look up to us. I like watching them read as they are so positive and never give up. I especially think buddy reading with the year 3 class because they are a lovely bunch of kids”. Morgan Baillie

“I enjoy buddy reading because I like helping with the little ones when they get stuck with a word. I like being an example for them when they are older. My favourite part is hanging out with them.” Tabwa Teweiti

“I have enjoyed getting to read with the little kids because they are very good readers. I have liked getting to know the kids and especially got to help Hannah with the words that she couldn’t read or helping her when she got stuck. We are mostly reading Geronimo Stilton books because they are her favourite type of books.” Grace Keno

“It was really nice getting to see the younger kids improve in their reading. It was also very nice to be a part of their reading growth. I have loved meeting the year 2’s and 3’s and I liked getting to know them.” Samuel Plieger 

“Buddy reading is really fun, I mostly read with Eva and Hannah in year 3. We mainly read Geronimo Stilton books. They are really good at reading and can read at least 97% of the words on the page. I love it when I can help them with a word they don’t know and the next time it comes up they know what to say. I like it when that happens because you can feel proud of being in a teaching roll and actually teaching.” Hannah Miller 

“The buddy I read with are respectful and have a great sense of humour. I have seen that their reading has improved and I really like to help younger kids as it is something I think I do well”. Levi Crowder

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