Thursday, 3 November 2016

2. Special Character - Week 4, Term 4 2016

On Tuesday 1st November, we celebrated All Saints Day with a special liturgy led by our Special Character Leaders. The word saint means to be holy. All of God's people are called to be saints for all people are called to be holy. If you've known anyone who was loving, kind, generous, merciful, a peacemaker, and who always acted with tika/justice and pono/integrity and they have died, then you know a real saint.
We especially remember St. Teresa (Mother Teresa) on this day. A Saint of our own time.
Wednesday was All Souls Day. On this day we especially remembered all those who have died. We pray that they are at peace with God in heaven.

Next week our Year 8 leaders are off on camp. We wish them all the best for a great week full of memories to keep of their last year at St. Joseph's. 
We will prayer for safe travels, good weather, good sleeps, good food and good company. 
And of course LOTS OF FUN.

Take Care and God Bless
Ann Dooley/Co. DRS


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