Thursday, 10 November 2016

1. Principal's News Week 5 Term 4, 2016

Parent Survey Part 2
Last week I shared the results of the first part of your survey.  There were two more questions:
What are your educational goals for your child? and
What do you want from our Intermediate Department?

The answers were so similar that I've combined them into one Wordle.   Obviously the desire to be ready for high school is one that refers more to the intermediate department.  Words or phrases that were repeated appear bigger.  Its a good way of getting a picture of the themes:

First of all it is very good to see that Catholic featured highly in what many people desired for their children's education.  This is reassuring as the only reason our school exists is to provide a faith-based education and to bring Christ more deeply into our lives and the lives of others.  Our school literally wouldn't exist without this prime purpose.

Many parents while making these comments also said they think we are doing these things which is encouraging.  One respondent wrote:

"A deep love for on-going learning. Achieving a solid growth mind-set in all areas of education (academic, sport, cultural, service). Continuing to develop her individual faith journey. Having core academic foundations automated and feeling confident in ability to learn in a variety of environments and with different methodologies. Enjoying taking hold of opportunities as is currently and continuing contribution. Continuing to connect and maintain great relationships with a diverse group of children and adults. We feel that this has been happening and are committed to that just as much at home as what our goals are for her in the school environment."

We also recognise we are at a time where we have an opportunity for our own growth as a school and an affirmation of our future journey.  It is very clear what the community want and value and along with our prime purpose of bringing Christ into our lives, the Board of Trustees and our staff also recognise that we are the servants of the community and your values and aspirations are also part of what we must make real.

We look forward to going into this a little more at our Family Learning Hui on Friday 25th November and our Intermediate Information Evening on Wednesday 23rd November.

Year 8 camp
I had a great afternoon with the year 8s on Monday.  We did a couple of bushwalks in Peel Forest. The weather was beautiful and everyone was in very good spirits.  I haven't had any further news from camp - no news is good news which it means everything is flowing along nicely.

It is so great to see most children wearing sunhats most of the time.  We have had a bit of a push on this - please keep up your support from home.

Our school corridors are happy places with children showing good manners, courtesy and consideration to adults and each other.  An adult visitor to the school yesterday, whom the children did not know, was very impressed with a group of our boys who greeted her politely and stood back to let her go first.  She made a point of mentioning our well-mannered, respectful students.  We can all be proud of them.

God Bless,
Mrs Frances-Rees

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