Friday, 5 February 2016

4. Congratulations and Welcome - Week 1, Term 1 2016

We warmly welcome 24 new children who started at our school this week. We welcome the following children:

New Entrants - Aura Wilson, Jonathan Miller, Georgia Moore, Chelsea Koay, Heath Cartlidge, Blake Meek, Zi Qun Zhong, Rajbir Singh, Mia Catalan-Gomez and Lachlan McKeown.
Yr 1 - Natalie Shah
Yr 2 - Mya Robinson
Yr 3 - Hannah Burke
Yr 4 - Thomas Miller, Sione Tuuefiafi and Jack Burke
Yr 5 - Jacob Robinson
Yr 6 - Athena Toeke and Hannah Miller
Yr 7 - Samuel Burke, Carlin Huang and Sepeti Tuuefiafi
Yr 8 - Skyla Ludemann and Kelly Sinclair

We also warmly welcome 3 new teachers to our school - Mrs Tua Misiloi in our new entrants class, Miss Stephanie Mann-O'Malley to our Yr 5 class and Miss Suzy Lind to our Yr 6 class.

Parish Cup
Congratulations to Bronson and Willow Bartlett who received the Parish Cup for Term 4 in recognition of their involvement and participation in parish masses.

Congratulations to Christian Baillie who received the Veritas Award for Term 4 at our last assembly last year.

2015 End of Year Prizegiving for Yr 8

Congratulations to our Yr 8 recipients who received their trophies at the End of Year Mass last year.
  • Dux 2015 - Timothy Jorgensen
  • General Excellence Boys - Joel Kunnethedan
  • General Excellence Girls - Sivaenga Katoa
  • Conduct & Diligence - Maria Wallace
  • Citizenship - Laura Mather
  • Special Character - Ben Cullimore
  • Sports Boys - Christian Baillie
  • Sports Girls - Niveek Wilson
  • Cultural Cup - Trish Chikowore
  • STAR Application Award - Joel Kunnethedan
  • Trudi Johnston Medal of Courage - Maddison Bleach

2016 Yr 8 Leaders
Congratulations to our new Yr 8 leaders who were awarded with their leadership badges yesterday.

Head Boy and Girl - Yneke Edzes and Seth Sinclair
Deputy Head Boys and Girls - Mackenzie Cunningham, Tegan Souness, Duran Cooper and Joseph Spillane
Special Character Leaders - Rhea Ratgali, Jack Cameron and Michael Misiloi
Guzman House Leaders - Elizabeth Plieger and Sebastian Whiston
Lima House Leaders - Harriet Heaphy and Kaleb Cant
Siena House Leaders - Ruby Macaulay and Halalova Asi
Multi Cultural Leaders - Vannisah Ramu and Keane Pe
Performing Arts Leaders - Emily Hayman and Cameron Mather
School Councillors - Antonia Black, Skyla Ludemann, Lachlan Brookes, Taine Cooper, Jacob Fowler, Noah Jenkinson and Tristan Serrano
Junior Liaison Leaders - Tyla Bolitho, Isabella Hanning, Charlotte Hogg, Roger Neri and Kelly Sinclair
Head Students
Deputy Head Students

Siena House Leaders
Special Character Leaders
Guzman House Leaders
Lima House Leaders
Multi Cultural Leaders
Performing Arts Leaders
Junior Liaison Leaders
School Councillors

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