Thursday, 25 February 2016

2. Special Character Week 4 Term 1 2016

We are already into our third week of Lent and we need to ask ourselves if we are making any sort of effort to become better people. Are you giving up anything in particular? Are you doing anything extra? If yes, then are these things in any way helping anyone else other than ourselves??? When I was a wee girl (yes, I CAN remember that far back!!!) giving up lollies during the Lenten Season was very popular. We saved the lollies in a large jar then ate them after Easter. When I think back it didn't really make me a better person or help anyone else. Saving the money and giving it to the missions would have been a better idea.
So we are asking our children to give a little money to the missions. This is something we continually do at our school and we are usually very good at it but we need to constantly remind the children that a little goes a long way to people who do not have what we have. Maybe the children could do something extra around the home and earn this little bit of money then give it to the missions. It will mean more to them if they have to earn it, then see the good it will do for children their age.
Remembering this is the 'YEAR OF MERCY' so we need to constantly be thinking about what WE can do, and not just during Lent.

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