Thursday, 22 October 2015

5. Pet Day 2015

Last Friday we held our First Pet Day in a long number of years and it was great to see the large number of pets at our school both in the hall and outside on the grass.  I think every second family at our school owns a dogl!!  It was good to see the pets being on their best behaviour at school  and the children proudly showing off their pets by the smiles on their faces.  Thanks to everyone who supported the day especially Abigail and the School Councillors, Oamaru Veterinary Centre, Kathryn the vet, Mekeisha and Gumby, Tessa with the standards, Sam and his waste bin and all of your pets and Fr Wayne for the liturgy.
The pets on show consisted of budgies, cats, chicks, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, horse, lambs, locusts, pet rock and rabbits.

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