Thursday, 15 October 2015

2. Special Character - Week 1, Term 4

This year we have decided to support 'OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD'.  A note came home yesterday to explain how you can help. The link below will show you some of the places these boxes are sent to and how much they are appreciated.

For parents of the children entering the Sacramental Programme in Term 4 (mainly Year 3 children) these talks will be invaluable. In particular, Catholic Essentials and Celebrating Sacraments. These talks are not only for Catholics but for all parents of children (both Catholic and Non-Catholic) who have recently been through the sacramental programme 2014-2015 and parents who are interested in the Catholic Faith. In fact these talks are invaluable to ALL of us who are on this faith journey together. 

October is the Month of 'The Holy Rosary'.  The Rosary is a special devotion to Mary. Many Catholics say the Rosary as a Weapon of Peace'. During prayers this week in classes and at Kotuitui we have been sharing prayers that we say during the Rosary. The display in the entrance foyer will explain what the Rosary means to us as Catholics.
How to say the Rosary.

Ann Dooley

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