Thursday, 15 October 2015

1. Principal News Week 1 Term 4

Pet Day
Welcome back to a new term and the final one for the year. There are many children looking forward to our Pet Day tomorrow and a big thank you to our School Council and Year 8 leaders who helped to make this School Council dream a reality. During my eight years as principal here, many children have asked to hold a Pet Day. This is the first year that a detailed action plan for the event was prepared on a google document and emailed to me. Such are the benefits of technology. A special thank you to our Year 8 School Councillor, Abigail Jenkinson, who was supported by Mekeisha Hurley in preparing the plans for the day. You can read more about the details for our Pet Day on this link. 
Thank you to Jeff Spillane and Veterinary Centre, Oamaru for organising the sponsored prizes for our inaugural Pet Day event.

Student Blogger of the Week

This week's student blogger is Joel Kunnethedan our Year 8 Head Boy. Joel captured my attention with this informative video he recently uploaded to his blog. He produced it together with fellow Year 8 leader Zach Dickie as part of their inquiry around environmental issues from last term. Well done Zach and Joel for this compelling video. You can also read about Joel's plans to be an aeronautical engineer and how to be a good peer mediator by going to this link.

Response to feedback
Thank you for the end of Term 3 survey information emailed to me about engagement in learning at St Joseph's. I will share our responses to your feedback in next week's newsblog.

Faith Refreshers
Unfortunately no-one from our school family has indicated an interest in attending any of these sessions that have been provided to update our understanding on what we believe and practise as Catholics.
Whether Catholic or non-Catholic, our school is part of our faith community and who we are reflects our beliefs.  It is not too late to register as it an opportunity to socially engage with others with a cup of tea afterwards.  Please contact Jocelyn Marsh on 434 8073 or Jan Plieger on 437 0077 if we can take you.

St Kevin's BYOD information session
We have received an invitation for our Year 8 parents or any families interested in learning about devices at St Kevin's. Unfortunately this date clashes with our Home & School ladies night and the Faith Refresher evening. However, there will be another opportunity to learn more about the use of devices and modern learning environments at St Kevin's College during the Year 8 Orientation Day on Tuesday 24th November.

Shake Out drill
Today we participated in the national earthquake drill. I am pleased to say that it went very well. Our next drill will be a Tsunami drill. We do a termly fire drill to ensure our children are well prepared for an emergency.

Every blessing for the final term as we continue to Reach for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic faith.

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