Thursday, 30 July 2015

1. Principal's News - Week 2, Term 3 2015

Student blogger of the week
I would like to draw your attention to Nisha Wilson's informative blog this week. Nisha is in Year 6 in Senior Hub 2. You can read about Nisha's term 2 learning highlights and her career aspirations by going to this link. Keep up the great blogging Nisha.

Teacher Only Day
Yesterday our teachers spent the day attending an extremely informative spelling conference. We learnt about the importance of teaching our children to see spelling as a problem solving process. You can read more about what we learnt by going to this link.

School Council for Term 2 and 3
We had our first meeting for the term this week. Our new councillors were presented with their badges last Friday. You can read about their first meeting by going to the link.
Here is the link to the latest school council news.

Sports Committee News
The Sports Committee met on Monday. We agreed to ask families to revisit our Sports Code of Conduct. You can read more in the minutes from our meeting.Here is the link to the latest sports committee minutes.

Recognition in the July Ministry Leadership Bulletin
Julie Anderson is the Director for Education at the Otago, Southland ministry office. Julie joined principals and board chairs at a meeting held in Oamau last term. Tua Misiloi our board chairperson and I gave a presentation about the work of the Pasifika cluster. This work has been acknowledged in the national ministry bulletin. You can read more by going to this link.

Good luck to all of our children playing sport this weekend and to our children that have made the rep squads. 
We also hope that the many children who are unwell, feel better very soon.
Here is something that may brighten your day.

These three boys from Junior Hub 2 came to share their haka singing with me. They proudly told me that they were so good because they are three of the leaders. This is a sneak preview of what the junior hubs have been learning as they prepare for the Kapahaka Festival and show us how to Reach for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic faith.

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