Thursday, 11 June 2015

1. Principal News Week 8 - Term 2 2015

Artwork Donation
We have received two beautiful pieces of art work from Bernadette Joyce. Bernadette used to live and teach in Dunedin. Bernadette did these paintings as a gift to every school in New Zealand. An amazing commitment and spirit of generosity. 
Bernadette sees this as a way of her evangelising in our schools and a beautiful way it is. "I do it as a means of evangelisation, as I think visual images are good teachers and reminders of the Lord."   
Each pair of paintings was blessed by Father Mark Chamberlain before being gifted.

Science Learning is fun
Here are some photos from Mrs Gower's lesson with Yr 5's. Here they are dancing around as solid, liquid and gas molecules.

Mid Year reporting and Parent Meetings in Week 11
You will be able to meet with teachers during week 11. Next week we will provide you with the online booking details for appointments for Monday 29th June and Wednesday 1st July. We look forward to sharing learning progress with you as we continue to reach for the stars as lifelong learners in the Catholic faith together.

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