Thursday, 27 November 2014

4. Congratulations - Week 7, Term 4

We warmly welcome Taisia Asi who started school this week to Ruma Koru.


To our Yr 7 student Maria Wallace who was a winner of the Blue Cross Veterinary pet writing competition.

My Horse Copper-Rose
By Maria Wallace

The early morning sun shines upon her glossy mane,
She looks up and whinnies as I call out her name,
She canters down from upon the hill,
There is a breeze on her face though the air is still.
I hold out my hand which she sniffs straight away,
She looks at me and wonders if there’s any treats today,
She smells the scent of carrot and yearns for the taste,
I give it to her willingly but she dribbles half of it in her haste.
I lead her through a few paddocks up to the hitching rail,
I start to comb her gently, her forelock, mane, then tail,
I brush her whole body head to hock,
Then I clean out her hooves which contain grass and rock.

 I do up the buckles upon her tack,

Then we go out together for our morning hack.
Well done to Yneke Edzes for writing a great poem about her experiences in the recent Year 6 Education Outside the Classroom camp.
The wind swirled around,
My heart began to pound.
The excitement was near,
But so was my fear.
My harness was tightened,
No burden was lightened.
But with a nervous smile,
I climbed the steep mile.
Right down the large rock,
Recovered from shock
And with my feet on the ground
The wind swirled around.

Congratulations to Neighton & Mannix Fraser and Danny and Charlie Gilbert who competed in the Kiwi Challenge Swim Meet in Dunedin last Sunday.  They swam incredibly well, beating their personal bests and winning medals and ribbons in their events.  This was Neighton's first swimming competition and he was ranked in the top eight for his age group, a huge achievement for a beginner swimmer.
Mannix, Danny and Charlie all achieved bronze, silver and gold in their events.

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