Thursday, 20 November 2014

2. Special Character News Term 4 Week 6

The Feast of Christ the King

This Sunday celebrates the feast of Christ the King.  It is the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year before the start of the new year in Advent

It is only fitting that the last Sunday of the year should be a recognition of Christ the King as this is the ultimate significance of the whole New Testament story.  Jesus was born in lowly conditions and spent his life in the service of others, and ultimately paid the price for our sins.  Yet he is the "Anointed One."  The Anointed One or Messiah was the one predicted throughout the Old Testament.   The one who would save us - God.

The readings for this Sunday are triumphant, they are about Christ returning in glory.  They are also about judgement.  Jesus died to pay the price for our sins but it is up to us whether we take up the offer and live the way He showed us, or whether we have our own ideas, like Adam and Eve who wanted more knowledge so they could be like God.  We need to have the humility to accept Jesus' offer of redemption and recognise him as the King of Heaven and earth.

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