Thursday, 3 July 2014

4. Congratulations

Congratulations to the following children for week 9.

Principals Award - goes to the Yr 5/6 Rippa Rugby team who performed admirably at the Yr 5/6 Rippa Rugby Regional tournament in Pleasant Point a couple of weeks ago where they got placed 2nd.

Basketball Reps - Duran Cooper for making the North Otago U13 boys basketball team where he will play in a Yr 7/8 tournament and then an Otago regional tournament.

Football Reps - Ben Brenner, Daniel Frances Rees and Ben Cullimore for making the North Otago Football teams. Ben and Daniel got selected in the combined 10th & 11th grade and Ben in the 12th grade. All boys will travel to tournaments ranging from Gore to Nelson next term.

Swimming - Corbin Fraser and Danny Gilbert for being selected in the Waitaki Aquatic swimming squad. Both boys will now compete in competitive swimming against other swimmers from different centres.

Speech - Last Sunday, 4 of our students entered in the International Association of Lions Club speech competitions for 2014. The Yr 5/6 children spoke for 2-3 minutes and the Yr 7/8's spoke for 3-4 minutes on any topic. Congratulations to Rhea Ratgali who got first and Vince Vidallon who got third place in the Yr 5/6 grade and to Joel Kunnethedan who got first in the Yr 7/8 grade.

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