Thursday, 31 July 2014

2. St Joseph's Whanau Groups - Week 2, Term 3


On Friday 25 July, we had our first St Joseph's Whanau Group session.  The children have been organised into groups of about 12 children each.  Each group contains at least one child from every class in the school.  Families are grouped together.  We got together first thing in the morning for prayers prepared and led by the year 7s.  Every child brought something to share which they had learnt about God during the second half of term 2.  

These are some of the children's comments:

“I liked it.” 
“Awesome because I learnt new things.” 
“I liked it because I got to share with other people”.  

"Kawakawa students came back very excited to have gone to a different classroom and meet new friends and share their learning in a different way. They were amazed to hear everyone had been learning what they had been learning about! Year 7’s and 8’s were wonderful role models."

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