Friday, 27 May 2022

1. Principal's News Week 4, Term 2, 2022

I'm proud to share my section this week with Emily Chen our year 8 Lima House Captain who is updating on year 8 leadership opportunities

From Emily:


On the 24th of May the year 8 students participated in a program hosted by Sport Waitaki where we learned how to be good leaders with other schools in the district. PALS stands for physical activity leaders. We learned the difference between a boss and a leader.

We did activities using communication and learned how to modify games so that people who weren't as capable could play and have fun. In one of the activities, everyone in the group had a big part. One person was blindfolded and the others had to get that person to their destination without touching them while keeping them safe. One person had the instructions but they couldn't talk. The person who could talk didn't have the instructions. We also did an activity where we got to lead a group of people in games and receive feedback.


Each term our school will have a sports tournament. For term 2 our year 8 leaders will host a basketball tournament as we did for rippa. We will be taking classes out for basketball and creating our teams later on. These sports tournaments will be in house groups and it's for juniors and seniors. We heard some feedback from students last term and they recommended an MVP for each team after the tournament. Houses will receive house points which go towards the big prize at the end of the term.


Matt Brien is one of our staff members' sons. He plays basketball overseas and will be coming to help us out and take lessons in preparation for the basketball tournament.

Thank you Emily for your contribution to our news.

To add to Emily's news, Matt is Paula Brien's son, an ex St Joseph's student who is now playing basketball for the University of Nebraska in the USA. We are lucky to have him around this term and the house leaders are looking forward to learning from him.

"Let Your Light Shine"

Classes are now busy preparing their dance sequences for our movie.

and our intermediate students are recording tracks on Garageband for the soundtrack.

Ma te Atua e manaaki a aroha,

(God bless, and love)

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