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3. School Notices - Week 7, Term 4 2020


Altar Servers
Saturday 28th November - Clarence and Rheanna Coscos and Luse Asi
Sunday 29th November - Lilly Kelcher and two others

Birthday Greetings to
Molly O'Neill and Evan Soane

Certificate and Trophy presentation - these will be presented at assembly tomorrow starting at 2.15 pm.  All parents welcome to attend.

North Otago Athletes - on Monday we had approximately 30 children compete at the North Otago Athletics where they competed against the best from the other schools.  One thing that stood out at the athletics this year was the support and sportmanship of all athletes from all schools including our own. All children were excited to go and compete at a North Otago event this year since the swimming and cross country were cancelled due to Covid.  
Certificates will be awarded at assembly tomorrow.

Otago Athletics - last week, we had 4 children compete at the Otago Primary Schools Athletic Competition in Dunedin. Congratulations to Mya Robinson who got 2nd in the long jump, 5th place to Lisiate Hausia in the long jump and 5th place to Tadiwanashe Mandiwona in the high jump.  Thanks to Lee Woodhouse for being their manager on the day. 

This is a huge achievement to be in the top 6 placings at these athletics.

Buses - End of Year
  • All buses will be running up to Friday 11th December.
  • The Tokarahi driver will continue driving his run until (& including) Wednesday 16th December. This will cater for all those St Joe’s children + any OIS students who use this bus route, out as far as whoever is the student who lives the furthest away on that route. This will also cater for any students that live in the Weston area that would normally catch the Airedale or Clifton Falls buses: dropping the students off at either Weston or at any point along the Weston-Ngapara Rd out of Weston township.
  • The Maheno Bus will continue driving for those same 3 days  catering for OIS and St Joe’s students that are normally on that bus + it will be able to deliver the children that would normally travel on the Hampden or Herbert buses out as far as Maheno township.  This then will allow parents the option of only having to come that far towards Oamaru to meet up with their children, either in the morning or afternoon.
  • The Maheno bus departs from outside the Bowling Club in the morning at 7.30 am for those 3 mornings and should get back to that location at approx 4.15 pm every afternoon.
  • These directions represent the areas with the bulk of OIS and St Joe’s students that catch the country buses.  All others would be required to make their way to and from school via private means for those last 2-3 days of the school year.
  • RE 2021: As the first high schools back next year (WGHS & SKC) return on the 1st February 2021, the buses will start running again that day, even though WBHS does not return for another 2 days.
Camp and EOTC Fees
Please ensure these are paid before next week.

Cricket Draw - Friday 27th November
St Joseph's Intermediate A v Albion Gold at SKC 1

Connecting Coaches Conference - 27th/28th November
This a message forward from Sport Waitaki regarding an opportunity to do an online coaching conference where you get to hear from some NZ top coaches about how to 'connect, create and communicate' with your teams. There is a conference which you can attend but if you register for it, coaches, sports coordinators and club administrators will automatically get access to all presentations for up to 12 months if they register. They will therefore be able to watch/re-watch the presentations at their leisure whenever it suits.

The conference is for the 27/28th November which is tomorrow and unfortunately it was missed going in the newsletter last week. If you are interested, please register today. Further information is attached to the email.

The link to register is

Filipino Variety Show
This variety show is on Saturday 5th December from 7.00 to 9.00 am at the Oamaru Opera House and showcases some of our students talents. The Filipino Waitaki Incorporated variety show will entertain and captivate you with rich and colourful Filipino culture, full of story, dances and music, amazing costumes and everything fascinating from the Filipino tradition.
Tickets can be purchased from the Oamaru Opera House.

Hungry Horse Cafe
A huge shout out to all our helpers who volunteered their time to help out with the Hungry Horse Cafe, especially the families who helped out multiple times.  As this year was a strange year due to Covid disruptions, the Home and School still managed to raise $7820 even though they missed 3 race meetings.  Massive thanks to Rebecca Heffernan and her team for coordinating this worthwhile fundraiser.

The 2021 dates for the first part of the year are below and if you can help out, please leave your name at the office or contact Rebecca Heffernan. There are usually about 10-12 race meetings a year and each family is expected to take one turn at helping out.

-  Wednesday 10th February
-  Sunday 28th February 
-  Wednesday 10th March
-  Sunday 28th March

Junior Nativity
A notice has been emailed to all junior parents regarding the Junior Nativity.  The children are preparing their Nativity presentation for the Prize Giving Liturgy on December 15th at the Basilica at 6.00 pm.  (All junior school children are required to be at school in their classrooms by 5.40 pm in order to be dressed in their costumes).
Below is a description of what the children require for costuming and if you can help in any way with items of clothing it would be greatly appreciated.
  • all children are to wear bare feet
  • all girls to wear a white singlet and pe shorts with hair tied up
  • all boys to wear a black singlet and pe shorts
We are hoping to borrow theses costumes - animal onesies e.g. sheep, cow, dog bunny etc and white angel wings.
  • All 6 year old boys and Mele, Ayla, Ivan, Molly M and Molly O need to bring a tea towel and a mans tie.
  • Aria, Sephrin, Siale, Hila'atu, Manu, Roger, Zachary, Nehusita, Sesilia, Emily, Taylor, Olivia, Emma, Alexander and Dihviyn - personal cultural costumes please.
  • Other costumes will be provided for.  Many thanks Junior School Team.
Friday 26 - Technology for Yr 7 & 8
                -  Athletic trophies and certificates presented
                -  Scholastic Book Club orders due back
                -  All library books due back 
Wednesday 2 - school camps for Yr 7 & 8
                      -  EOTC for Yr 6
Thursday 3  - school camps for Yr 7 & 8
                    -  EOTC for Yr 6

Road Patrol
All children who did road patrol have been given a notice regarding a school patrol reward happening on Monday 7th December (week 9).  Please return the permission slip to the office.

School Photos
Tomorrow the children will be given a notice and proofs about how to order your school photos online through PhotoLife. The online system means parents can access, view and order their child's photos online.  The Online system works off each student's name giving them an individual Photo Access Key to view and order their photographs.  
St Joseph's free delivery period expires at midnight on Sunday 6th December, after that you will have to pay for the delivery charge.

Thank You
A big thank you to Oamaru Shingle Supplies who kindly donated the sand for our long jump pit.  This kind donation enabled the children to practice their long jumping for their sports day.

Winter Sports Uniforms
Please return all winter sports uniforms by tomorrow otherwise you may be charged for them.  These were supposed to be returned in the first two weeks of this term.

Community Notices
  • OSCAR Summer Holiday Programme: 
    17th-23rd December – Christmas crafts and activities.
    11th-29th January.  Come and enjoy the fun of the Fair at our Carnival themed programme – Bouncy castle, carnival activities and games, trips, baking, swimming, water sliding, grass-sliding and more.  To book google Enrolmy Oamaru and follow the link.

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