Thursday, 26 November 2020

2 Special Character Week 7 Term 4 2020

 Welcome/Kia Ora/Malo e Lelei

Faith Facts-23rd- 27th Nov
Sunday 22nd Feast of Christ the King
St. Andrew R.C. Church | Sunday Gospel, November 20, 201624th St Andrew Dung-Lac

Pope Francis on the feast of Christ the King 2018

 “Jesus wants to make it understood that above political power there is another greater one, which is not obtained with human means. He came on earth to exercise this power, which is love, “bearing witness to the truth (v. 37). It’s about divine truth that in the end is the essential message of the Gospel: “God is love: 1 John 4:8), and He wants to establish in the world His Kingdom

Special Character Focus

Religious Education: Our children's next Religious Education learning will be about 'Advent" Please go to this link to help you support your child/children during our teaching of this strand. parents-communion of saints.
The First Week of Advent
As we begin Advent, we light one candle in the midst of all the darkness in our lives and in the world.  It symbolizes our longing, our desire, our hope. We want to prepare for his coming to meet us at the end of our lives on this earth.

So, we begin with our longing, our desire and our hope.
“Lord, the light I choose to let into my life today is based on my trust in you.  It is a weak flame, but I so much desire that it dispel a bit more darkness today.  Today, I just want to taste the longing I have for you as I go to the meeting this morning, carry out the responsibilities of my work, face the frustration of some difficult relationships.  Let this candle be my reminder today of my hope in your coming.”
School and Family Mass- 
Thursday Mass
Presenting the Mass and Gospel is a service opportunity and Ministry for our children in spreading God’s word. Our children are proud of themselves every week either through singing, videoing and acting the gospel. It is a privilege for our children to serve and present the word of God. You are welcome to join us for Mass at 9:15 am on Thursday in the Basilica. 

Thank you to Year 5/6 Mrs Streat's class for the presentation of the gospel at Mass last Thursday. Today the Mass and Gospel presentation lead by Year 4/5 Mrs Winder's class.

Next Week Thursday Mass will be Year 3/4 Miss Sollano's class. 

Come, Lord Jesus!  Come and visit your people. 
We await your coming.  Come, O Lord.
Thank you/Malo 'Aupito
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

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