Friday, 28 February 2020

4. Swimming Sports notice

Year 4 - 8

Friday 6th March at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre

Dear Parents

       The senior swimming sports are for the Yr 4-8 children who have their lessons in the big pool. 
       First race starts at 9.30 am sharp or earlier if ready beforehand and finished by 11.30 - 12.00 pm.
       All the children need to be at school by 8.50 am sharp as they are walking down to the pool at that time.  The roll will be taken before they leave school.
       Children are not allowed to go straight to the pool as teachers need to do their roll and the children will not be supervised at the pool.
       Children come to school in their PE uniform and change into their house colours at the pool (no face paint, glitter or vivids).
       They need to bring plenty of food and water

       Helpers are required for timekeepers who will be shown how to time keep before the racing starts (seat guaranteed).  They need to be at the pool by 9.10 am. Let Mrs Brien know if you can help.
       We require a parent who has a trailer or big car that can help transport chairs down to the pool on the day.

       The sports will start with demonstration races for the children who can swim half a length in freestyle and/or backstroke.
       The non-competitive and competitive events for each stroke and age group will follow.
       All competitive races will be timed as there are no finals
       Children have been entered into races they are confident in with both the swimming instructor and sports coordinator looking at them during their swimming lessons.
       A programme of the events and what races your child will be swimming in will be put on the noticeboard.
       Programmes will be available to buy for a gold coin donation.  These will be available from the recorder.  Please bring the correct change.

       Children swim in their age group as of 6th March 2020 (date of swimming sports)
       Places will be determined on times recorded
       Starting procedure is whistle for quiet, ‘on your marks’ followed by a bang
       False starts will sound with the clappers and/or whistle blowing
       Everyone is to be quiet when the swimmers are under starter’s orders
       The different events will be put on a whiteboard which will go past
       Each teacher will have a copy of the programme
       Children to listen carefully to marshalling calls
       Time keeper slips (1 for each lane) – children to be given one at marshalling and give to the time keeper in your lane
       Every competitive swimmer receives 2 house points and non-competitive will receive 1 house point. 
       Championship swimmers who get placings will earn 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd.
       Demonstration race swimmers will earn 1 point for their house

       Parents please sit on the opposite side of the pool to the children and the children will be required to stay in the stands as we won’t have time to find them if they miss their races.
       Please do not approach the recorders for results

       North Otago Swimming Sports- children who have qualified for the North Otago Swimming Sports will be required to perform the stroke correctly.  There will be someone checking on technique at the sports and the children will be disqualified if they are using an incorrect technique.
       Entry for the North Otago sports is taken on times and not placings. 
       The North Otago Swimming sports are on Wednesday 18th March and the fastest swimmers who qualify from both St Joseph’s and Oamaru North are notified.

       Otago Primary School swimming sports take place on Saturday 4th April at Moana Pool in Dunedin.  The first race is at 9.00 am and the entry fee is $5.00 per race entered ($6 entry fee for a relay).  If you wish for your child to take part in this, please let me know ASAP so we can use the swimming times.  Entries to Mrs Brien by Thursday 19th March as no late entries will be accepted.

All queries regarding these sports please contact me.  Thanks

Paula Brien
Sports Coordinator

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