Thursday 5 December 2019

2..Special Character Week 8 Term 4 2019

                                   Kiaora, Greetings & Malo e Lelei

Special Character Focus
We began the season of Advent last Sunday! We light the first candle on our advent wreaths at Mass and in our homes and workplaces. On most wreaths, this candle is purple, which symbolizes prayer, penance and sacrifice. 
Advent is a period of waiting, like Lent. We are called to obtain the Sacrament of Reconciliation, to pray and fast, as we await the arrival of our savior. We work to greet Him with a soul free from the stain of mortal sin, and with joyous feasting.

Image result for advent candlesThis week is the second week of Advent- Peace.  Mrs Brookes has updated our foyer display with the messages about Advent. Advent is a time of waiting and getting ready for Christmas. It is a time when we prepare our hearts to celebrate Jesus coming into our lives, our families and our world. 
Let us begin our period of preparation now. 

 An Advent Blessing
1st Week of Advent – Hope
Faith Facts
On the first Sunday of Advent, the first purple candle (symbolising hope) on the advent wreath is lit. This candle is typically called the "Prophecy Candle" in remembrance of the prophets, primarily Isaiah, who foretold the birth of Christ.

Pope Francis Prayer - That every country determines to take the necessary measures to make the future of the very young, especially those who suffer, a priority. Let’s pray this week in the first week of Advent for those children who have nothing and suffer in slavery. Yes there are an estimated 152 million children in forced labour throughout the world today. Millions of those children are slaves.

Image result for child slavery 2019

O God, when we hear of children and adults being deceived and taken to unknown places for purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labour, and organ ‘harvesting’, our hearts are saddened and our spirits angry that their dignity and rights are ignored through threats, lies, and force. We cry out against the evil practice of this modern slavery and pray for it to end. Give us wisdom and courage to reach out and stand up for those whose bodies, hearts and spirits who have been so wounded, so that together we may make real your promises to fill these sisters and brothers with a love that is tender and good. Give them hope. Send the exploiters away empty-handed to be converted from this wickedness and help us all to claim the freedom that is your gift to your children. Amen

Lautado Si
Ways to 'green our Christmas: Buying gifts.

Pope Francis: "Since the market tends to promote extreme consumerism in an effort to sell its products, people can easily get caught up in a whirlwind of needless buying and spending"

Keeping Christmas simple, affordable and sustainable.

  • A Caritas gift: (as a little extra, or for those who have everything ($10 to $1000)
  • For a couple, give one gift
  • A family, Secret Santa
  • Family photo montage-mounted in second-hand picture frame
  • A family-buy a second-hand basket for a hamper of home-made produce-shortbread, mince pies, truffles, sweets, jam, chutney etc, with Christmassy labels
  • Re-gifting: a present you do not need
  • Compile a book of your favourite recipes (for flatting children?);
  • Pre-loved products
  • Gift a plant or a garden voucher
  • Garden cuttings planted up with a Christmas label- (children's holidays activity?)
  • Herbal teas with a recycled teapot
  • Handmade vouchers promising gardening, housework, shopping, meals etc (great for children to give).

  • Together in God's Spirit we make the difference.

Spiritual Reading
'Without prayer we have neither light nor strength to advance in the way which leads to God'
St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Thank you very much/ Malo 'Aupito
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

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