Thursday, 4 July 2019

2. Special Character Week 10 Term 2 2019

Welcome to the Last Week of Term 2
Wednesday 3 July is the Feast Day of St Thomas the Apostle.
He is famously known as “doubting Thomas” because he did not believe that the risen Jesus was the “real thing” until he could touch the blood on Jesus’ side where he had been pierced by the soldier’s lance.  When Thomas did recognise the risen Jesus, he responded by acknowledging Jesus by saying “My Lord, and my God”.  John’s Gospel gives Thomas several speaking parts. The tradition of the Church holds that Thomas travelled as far as India, including the province of Kerala preaching the Good News.
St Thomas is the patron Saint of Architects.

10th Commandment “You shall not covet your neighbour’s goods”  

Not to covet (to want something really badly) what belongs to others means not allowing yourself to be carried away by envy or greed.  The tenth commandment warns against the desire to have everything immediately, to continuously have more, to gain at all costs, even when it means acting unjustly.  The first step to conquering the desire to have what belongs to others is to be grateful to God for what we have.  Gratitude for what we have helps us to stop measuring ourselves against others.  Respecting this commandments means recognising our own gifts and talents and making good use of them, while at the same time being happy

Catholic Special Character Focus
 In Term 3 the children who were confirmed in Term 2 will be preparing to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist. I will be teaching the programme with Year 4 and several other children from other classes during the week leading up to receiving the Sacrament in week 5
A way to help the children to become more focused on receiving the Sacrament and come to realise how very special this Sacrament is. It is what brings us all together as one family, God’s Family. Please make a note of the times for the meetings. A Parent Meeting will be held early in term 3.  Date and time to be confirmed. It is very important that you attend this meeting before your child begins his/her lessons.

We are all in this together, Home/School/Parish.
 A Holiday Prayer
Loving Lord, as the time for our holiday gets closer we pray that You will be with us, as we make all the plans and preparations for this much needed time of rest and refreshment. Help us not to miss any important things as we get ready. We pray that there will not be any last-minute problems to hinder or prevent our restful holiday time. Keep us and all our friends safe and warm during this break. Thank You for this wonderful opportunity to recharge our mental, spiritual and physical ‘batteries’, so that we may be able to spend time away from our hard work at school and of the every-day life and return rejuvenated and ready to continue our daily tasks. Amen
Mufti Mania tomorrow

Gold Coin Donation Please.
 Thank you 
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

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