Thursday, 18 October 2018

2. Special Character - Term 4 Week 1 2018

Welcome back for term four. A term that is full of special Catholic events.

Feast Days
All Saints and All Souls Day
Advent the preparation for Christmas
It is all happening this term.

The month of October each year is dedicated to the Holy Rosary
The Rosary is based on the incidents in the life of Jesus and Mary.
Many are rediscovering the beauty and spiritual benefit of this meditative practice.
The use of beads or knotted ropes to count large numbers of prayers comes from the earliest days of Christianity. However, this way of prayer precedes Christianity. The development of the rosary as we know it today has gone through many stages. Christian Monks used this method to pray the Psalms. Today the rosary consists of in total150 Hail Marys, divided into three sets of 50, which are further divided into five sets of 10 (a decade). Many people pray 1 set.

God Bless
Nicola Winders

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