Thursday 26 July 2018

2. Special Character - Week 1 Term 3 2018

Faith Facts this Week
Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is based on the belief that God has a plan for creation, a plan to build his kingdom of peace, love and justice. It holds that God has a special place in this story for each of us, whoever we are. Our part in this plan isn’t just limited to things ‘spiritual’, or things we might do on Sundays, but that it involves every aspect of our lives, from the things we pray about, to how we live as a responsible global citizens.
During Terms 1 and 2 teachers in many of our schools, teachers have been learning about Catholic Social Teaching. How much do you know? How quickly can you complete this simple quiz! 

July 26 Sts Joachim and Anne – Jesus Grandparents

America was the first country in the world to celebrate Grandparents day. They celebrate on the 9th of September. The UK celebrates grandparent in October here in New Zealand we do not celebrate grandparent’s day. The Feast of Joachim and Anne, Jesus’s grandparents, gives us a great opportunity to thank them for giving us Mary and a great day to think of our own grandparents too.

It is nice to think of Jesus as have a grandma(sava)and grandad(sav).

God Bless 
Nicola Winders DRS

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