Thursday 5 July 2018

1. Principal's News Week 10, Term 2 2018

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Maths)
Our STEAM team: Morgan, Sara, Danique in front of "Our Thinking Wall"
We know it needs another L
A big thank you to our STEAM team who have been give some extra time and resources to work together to create a space we can use for STEAM.  This is the previous middle hub room facing the hall.  Each week next term a new science experiment will be set up in the room for all the classes to engage with according to their level.  This will be a catalyst for thinking and further action in their classrooms.  The team have also looked into current best practice in science to guide the whole staff.  Thank you Morgan Tangney, Danique McRae and Sara Jones-Hogan, our STEAM team.

Parish Cultural Concert
A big thank you also to Tua Misiloi and Lena Klenner who prepared our cultural groups for the parish concert on Sunday and Leanne Brookes for helping to organise things.

Welcome Mass
We had a wonderful welcome mass on Sunday to welcome children new to our school.  Mrs Megan Phillips presented Bibles to the children on behalf of our Home and School Association.   It was great to also share this occasion with our parish celebration of culture and the Confirmation of Stuart and Alan Roberts.

NZEI Action
It looks very likely there will be strike action on 15th August.  There are several claims but the over-riding claim is adequate resourcing for teaching and learning for our children.  The strike may be the afternoon only or it could be the whole day.  If/when it happens, as all our teaching staff are NZEI members, the school will be closed.

End of Term
I love my family and I love having some time to do things for myself and its great to have the holiday, but I also always feel a little sad when the holidays come and our community disperses.  Be safe and have fun and we look forward to seeing you next term.

God bless and Aroha
Mrs Frances-Rees

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