Friday, 8 April 2016

1. Special Character Week 10 Term 1 2014

Catholic Special Character Focus
This is a prayer taken from the book, ‘Painting rainbows with broken crayons’ by Bernadette McCarver Snyder. I would like to share this with you because each day we are entrusted with your most precious gifts and I would like you to know how precious they are to us too.  ‘Reaching for the Stars’ is not only in their learning but in how they can be the best person they can be, which we all constantly strive to be. To be this person we need to feel good about ourselves.  To help our children do this we need to stop and listen to what they are trying to tell us and what their needs actually are so that they will feel valued and loved.
People around us have a great part to play in this, especially those we love. It is much easier when we all work together, Home and School, to achieve this. I hope you enjoy this.

I’m O.K., you’re O.K. – but is that O.K.?

Today, Lord, we are constantly told to build up a child’s self-image and that is certainly important. But what if we keep saying, “You’re O.K.,” and the child knows that’s not true. OR what if you say You’re O.K.,” and don’t mean it? Children have an uncanny knack of seeing through our words. They can almost always tell when we’re saying something we don’t really believe.
Help us, Lord, to look before we speak. Help us to find out what’s happening with a child who might NOT be O.K. and try to fix what is wrong instead of glossing over it. You can cover up a little sore with a bandage but underneath, it’s still a sore – and might even get worse if you don’t apply the right medicine. You can never ONLY cover up a problem.
So help us, Lord, to take the time to KNOW what’s happening with each child before we say, “You’re O.K.” It won’t help them OR us to pretend things are all right when they’re really all wrong.


Ann Dooley/CO/Director of Religious Studies

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