Thursday, 12 November 2015

5. What's Been Happening Lately?

Careers Expo
Recently the Year 6 and 7 classes celebrated their career inquiries by putting on a Careers Expo for their parents and fellow students. It was very successful and all the children were very capable of speaking about their chosen careers.

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Multicultural Day
Last Friday we celebrated our multicultural diversity at our school by dressing up in our ethnic clothes, tasting food from other cultures and participating in games and crafts.

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Junior Athletics
On Monday our junior school held their athletics sports morning where they tried different sports like long jump, relays, hockey, ball skills etc.  Thank you very much to Mrs Souness and the Yr 7's for helping organise it.

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Yr 6 & 7 Art Club 
Some talented students supported by Amina Bridges, Karen Aitken and Miss Huls are attending a 2 hour art class after school on a Friday to extend their skills. They had their first class last Friday and here is some of their work they have done so far.

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