Thursday, 5 June 2014

Principal’s News for Week 5 Term 2

This week you can read about :
1. 40 Years for Fr Wayne 2.Confirmation Saturday 3.Learning Evening Monday 
4. Victorian Choir 5. Bread ! 5. Special Character

1.Congratulations Fr Wayne’s  40 Yrs Priesthood
On Wednesday we celebrated this special occasion by giving Fr Wayne a large canvas photo of our school family. The choir sang beautifully too.
The parish will be celebrating this momentous occasion with mass on Friday 6th June at 5 pm followed by a finger food buffet in the St Joseph’s school hall.  Everybody is welcome and please bring a plate to share.

2.Sacrament of Confirmation
This Saturday 7th of June at 5 pm mass a large group of our students will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation where they confirm their initial commitment to the Church made at Baptism and fully receive the special strength of the Holy Spirit.

We look forward to welcoming Bishop Colin to school tomorrow and to sharing this celebration on Saturday evening with the children, their families and the parish.

3.Celebration of Learning and fish & chip evening Monday 9 June at 5:30pm 

Every family will get a free raffle ticket to enter the draw for $50 Petrol 
You must attend to qualify 
Learning in our 21st Century digital world - What does that mean? 

Many of you have already begun to read our school blogs and have a chance to learn about what is happening in our classrooms. Some of our children are creating their own blogs and sharing their learning with an audience that goes way beyond the classroom.
How can this kind of learning really work? Why is it important? 
We invite all of our families and friends to come to a special evening on Monday to find out the answers to some of these questions and more. Share your fears, hopes and dreams for your children with other families.

Come along and listen to some of our students, staff and parents share the way that they learn as well as find out how we can deeply engage our children in their learning and how you can support them too.

Bring along your fish and chips or picnic style food to share with your family at 5:30pm and enjoy having a St Joseph’s family get together. After we finish eating, we will begin our celebration of learning. We aim to be finished by 7pm.

4.Victorian Steampunk Choir Performance
Congratulations to the children who joined our Victorian Choir last week. You were stars. Here is the special message of thanks to Mrs Brookes from Emma Wilson who led the singing workshop at school last week.

Dear Leanne,
Thanks very much for the music conference link. 
I really enjoyed working with the children and they were beautifully behaved at the concert! There wasn't even one single moment when I had to ask anyone to stop what they were doing. It was lovely for me to be able to watch the rest of the show after they had performed when they were all sitting together at the front. I was able to concentrate on the perfomances - usually with a group of children I would expect to have to split my attention and watch the children as well as the performers.
And they were so focussed and concentrated during their singing - what a pleasure to work with! I was delighted that the words all came across clearly in the singing and in the jokes, and all the soloists came in right on cue. Often I have found that children want to change things round at the last minute, or to swop their solo section, but they all worked as a real team, did the part they had been given, and supported each other. They shared the clothes well too, and were a real credit to you and to the school.

Emma Wilson

Thank you to all of our children who continually show us how to Reach for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic Faith. 

5. Bread
Coupland's Bakery kindly gave every child at our school a loaf of bread today!!
Thank you for reaching out to our community.

Learn about Pentecost Sunday on the blog from Mrs Francis-Rees below.

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