Thursday, 16 September 2021

6. Cross Country 2021

 SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY 2021 - 2nd Notice

Tuesday 14th September 2021

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Due to the Covid Level 3 lock down, we were unable to hold our annual cross country last month and wish to go ahead with it next Friday 24th September at the Oamaru Race Course.  Te Pakihi o Maru (Oamaru North) and Pembroke schools will not be joining us this year due to us being in Level 2 and having to restrict our numbers.

All children will participate in the cross country and if they are unable to run it, they can walk it.  The course will be the same as last year’s one.  More information about the day will come out next Monday.


As it is only our school participating in the cross country, we will need more parent helpers to act as marshalls.  I need a total of at least 14 people to ensure we can run this event smoothly.  I had 7 parents offer help last time and would like to confirm their availability again as well as extra parents.  You would need to be there from 11.30 to 1.00 pm.  Please let me know asap if you can help.

Starting Time

As our intermediate children are at Technology till 10.30 am on the Friday morning, we are starting the cross country at a later time of 11.45 am.  The juniors will start first with the Yr 8’s running last.  The races will be approximately 3-5 minutes apart and some year levels and genders will be combined as there are not enough children in some years

The whole school will be travelling out by bus at 11.00 am and when the juniors have finished their races, they will come back to school at approximately 12.45 pm.


Below is a timetable of approximate times for each race and some races may start earlier than stated. (Parents/caregivers please come out earlier to watch your children, otherwise you may miss seeing them race).  Girls race first then the boys.  

Time Year Level No in race

11.45 am Yr 0 & 1 - girls (12)

11.48 am Yr 0 & 1 - boys (13)

11.52 am Yr 2 - girls and boys (13)

11.57 am Yr 3 - girls (13)

11.59 am Yr 3 - boys (7)

12.03 am Yr 4 - girls and boys (13)

12.07 pm Yr 5 - girls (9)

12.09 pm Yr 5 - boys (8)

12.13 pm Yr 6 - girls and boys (20)

12.14 pm Yr 7 & 8 go to their starting line (26)

12.19 pm Yr 7 & 8 girls (16)

12.22 pm Yr 7 & 8 boys (10)

If you have any queries regarding the cross country, please contact me.

Thank you

Paula Brien, Sports Co-ordinator,

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