Thursday, 12 September 2019

2.Special Character Week 8 Term 3 2019

                                                      Kiaora, Tena Koutou Katoa
                                       Happy Maori Language Week
Special Dates
9th St Peter Claver
13th St John of Chrysostom 

This week is Social Justice Week Justice Week: FAIR, YOU SAY? Seeking fairness in an unfair world.
During Social Justice Week this year (September 8-14), we invite all our school communities throughout Aotearoa to focus on the issue of fairness. In our world, which is tainted by unfairness, we are challenged to open our eyes to what is not just, and to be inspired to be instruments that will bring fairness and justice in our homes, schools, communities and the wider world.

Lautado Si

Social Justice Week: FAIR, YOU SAY? Seeking fairness in an unfair world
Pope Francis’ call to us in Laudato Si’ encompasses all core principles of Catholic social teaching:
../../../../../../Desktop/images-1.pngSolidarity – Walking together;
Stewardship – Being responsible guardians;
Participation – Everyone has a part to play
Subsidiarity – Empowering Communities
Human Dignity – Made in God’s image
Common Good – The good of each and all
Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable  
As Global Citizens and members of the Body of Christ, together we make the difference!
Spiritual Reading
Let us all resign ourselves into His hands, and pray that in all things He may guide us to do His Holy Will ... When thoughts of this or that come I turn to Him and say: "Only what you will, my God. Use me as You will". --St Mary of the Cross MacKillop
Psalm 75
We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks to you! We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done. “I have set a time for judgment,” says God, “and I will judge with fairness.
Thank you and have a great week
All is blessing! Peace is close at hand. Its blessing
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

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