Thursday, 22 November 2018

1. Principal's News - Week 6 Term 4 2018

A Big Increase in Student Engagement
We have been doing New Zealand Council for Educational Research surveys on our year 4-8 students over the past three years.  These are in-depth norm-referenced surveys.  For the first time now in 2018 we have an overall positive engagement - that means in all areas our students are more engaged in learning than the norm for New Zealand schools.  Overall engagement has increased by 35% since last year.  Big picture things we've done this year is our investment in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) learning with a specific focus on hands-on science experiments which sits with an increased engagement in learning by 28%.  There is also an increase of 31% in cognitive engagement - that means in students caring about and understanding how they learn.  This sits alongside our increased focus on student goal-setting, reflections on learning and progress and supported self-reporting.  Overall attitude to school in the past two years has increased by a significant amount of 60%.  Its great to see our students positively engaged in every area.  Good student engagement leads to good learning and achievement outcomes, and most of all, happy students.

Year 8 Camp

Due to the horrible weather the year 8s have not been able to do the full three day Mount Somers tramp staying at Woolshed Creek and Pinnacles Huts.  At the time of writing, they are out of cellphone coverage and staying at Woolshed Creek Hut, having climbed the the Woolshed Creek side of Mt Somers today.  Even though it rained the children have had a great time at the camp in Staveley.  Personally, even if it rains I think this is an outstanding camp, mainly because it is a genuine encounter with our New Zealand back country.  Every year for more than 20 years now, our students have discovered new sources of resilience, inspiration and courage on this trip.

End of Year Celebrations

Thursday 13th December -6pm - End of Year Celebration and Prize-Giving Mass for all children and families, including:
  • Junior Nativity Presentation
  • Prize-giving for the year 8s
  • The JJ award for each class.
  • Candle presentation to year 8s. 
Last year this Mass took one hour and we're aiming for a similar time frame this year.  

Friday 14th December - 12.00  - NOTE TIME CHANGE
Final celebration assembly 
  • Head student speeches
  • Handover of leadership to year 7s.
  • Year 8s receive leavers' certificates
  • Finish with carols
12.45 pm  - School finishes on 14th December
We start again on Monday 4th February

Uniform Survey
We will not be making any decisions regarding the next step with our uniform until we have 70 responses which is more than half our families.  At the moment we have 69 responses and a clear majority leader.  If you care what we wear for our uniform and want to have your voice heard - get your vote in quickly.

Onya Bike - Walk and Wheels Week
It hasn't been the best week to start biking or walking to school.  Nevertheless Zeb the Zebra made it to school yesterday.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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