Thursday, 13 April 2017

1. Principal's News - Term 1 Week 11, 2017

Three Easter Abilities We Would Like for our Students to have when they leave St Joseph's

The Ability to be Randomly Kind
Veronica helped Jesus by wiping His face when he was carrying the cross.  The imprint of His face was left on the cloth.

It was a simple and random act of kindness.

We need to  encourage our children of all ages to do something kind without reason, without praise, without notice, even to someone who is not kind to them.

The Ability to take Full Responsibility

Pontius Pilate washed his hands and handed Jesus back to be killed.  He thought he was innocent of Jesus' blood.  Every time we stand back and do nothing when someone else is hurt, or someone says something unkind or when we know things are not quite right, we wiggle out of our own responsibility.  As children get older they can start to see their responsibility for making good things happen beyond their own private world.

The Ability to be a Free, Self-Determining, Fully Aware Human Being

Back in the day when we were living in caves and hunting animals for food, we could easily be picked off if we were weak or separated from the group.  So we have an instinct to be part of the group and keep safe.  On Palm Sunday the crowd hailed Jesus as King singing, "Halleluia!"  A few days later the same crowd was crying, 'Crucify Him!"

It is very difficult to step away from the crowd and be a fully aware, critical thinker.  We work towards our young people at their year 8 endpoint of St Joseph's being people with the commitment and integrity to stand up for what is right and to take responsibility to be a change agent in the world.

Some Housekeeping Items

Before School
There are still a lot of children arriving and waiting outside before 8.30 am.  We have before school care available for children for a very small fee.  Children arriving on the 8.20 am bus should go up to the library and join the care program for free.

For other children waiting outside the main door, please be aware that as we are not open and they are not in our before school program, they are not supervised at this time.

As its getting colder we are seeing children arriving at school with a variety of hoodies and jackets. School uniform for the winter is a polar fleece and a school jacket.  There are secondhand jackets in the school uniform shop.  Other jackets should not be worn. Everyone is to wear the school tie.

Thank you for ringing up promptly and letting us know absences.  When we record absences we have to put a reason for the absence.  Please tell us the reason when you ring up otherwise we have to put it down as unjustified absence.

God bless all our St Joseph's Community at the Joyous time of Easter
Have a safe and happy holiday.

Lorraine Frances-Rees

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