Thursday, 1 September 2016

4. Congratulations - Week 6, Term 3

School Councillors
Congratulations to our school councillors for terms 3 and 4.
Yr 3 - Lilly Kelcher and Lachlan Criddle
Yr 4 - Ziah Rollan and Lewis Gough
Yr 5 -  Morgan Williams and Magnus Heaphy
Yr 6 -  Hannah Miller and Max Fatafehi
Yr 7 -  Georgia Fox and Corbin Fraser
Yr 8 -  Antonia Black, Jacob Fowler, Skyla Ludemann and Tristan Serrano (absent from photo)
Cross Country
Congratulations to these children who were awarded the Cross Country trophies at assembly a couple of weeks ago and the children who were absent will be presented theirs tomorrow.

Yr 4 -  Ziah Rollan and Michael Woodhouse
Yr 5 -  Bridie McGeown and Cody Marshall
Yr 6 -  Elenoa Asi and Max Fatafehi
Yr 7 -  Georgia Fox and Matthew Gough
Yr 8 -  Harriet Heaphy and Duran Cooper

North Otago Cross Country
Jacob Robinson (2nd), Cody Marshall (3rd), Matthew Gough (3rd)and Duran Cooper (2nd) who got top 3 placings in the North Otago Cross Country are competing at the Otago Primary Schools Cross Country in Dunedin tomorrow during school time.  Good luck boys.

Our school had a fantastic season in both miniball and basketball with all 'Most Valuable' trophies being awarded to St Joseph's players along with the 'Skills and Teamwork' trophy.  Congratulations to the St Joseph's Breakers boys Miniball team and to the St Joseph's Bolts girls Basketball team who both got first in their sections.  The boys Thunder Miniball team got second in their section as well as the boys Raptors Basketball team. Well done to Grace Keno and Campbell Fowler who got the "MVP" trophies for Miniball and Tegan Souness and Duran Cooper  who got the "MVP" trophies for Basketball and Jacob Fowler who received the 'Skills and Teamwork' trophy. Excellent work. Absent from the photos are Antonia Black and Bronson Bartlett.

St Joseph's Rugby Reps
Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected for North Otago rugby.
Under 11 - Hotili Asi, Max Fatafehi, Campbell Fowler and Matthew Gough
Under 12 - Corbin Fraser and Sam Keno
Under 13 - Halalova Asi, Lachlan Brookes, Kaleb Cant, Duran Cooper, Jacob Fowler, Keane Pe, Taine Stewart Cooper and Sebastian Whiston.

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