Friday, 20 October 2017

1. Principal's News Week 1, Term 4, 2017

A big congratulations to Morgan Tangney who has been appointed as the cross-school teacher in our Whitestone Community of Learning (Kahui Ako).  This is a big achievement for Morgan and a good reflection on our practice at St Joseph's.  It means she will be part of building practice across the five schools in our Kahui Ako (St Kevin's, Weston, Glenavy, Papakaio and the Oamaru Kindergarten Association).  She will have access to professional development which will further her own practice as well as feeding into raising practice in St Joseph's.   We will lose her for 10 hours a week and her position will be a job share next year.  That means she will not be in the year 8 class as that does not suit job share.  This cross-school teaching position is a great initiative as it means we have a way of further developing our own staff without having to lose them immediately to leadership positions elsewhere.  Well done Morgan.

Teacher allocation to classes will not be known until later this term and I will tell you as soon as all the variables are known.

Progress and Achievement
In the last year we've made a lot of changes to how we do teaching and learning.   The main change has been re-establishing our systems for monitoring and promoting the learning of all students, including those who need acceleration, and challenging high achieving students.

So far in 2017 children who have made more than a year's progress (ie accelerated progress):
Reading =  37.5%
Maths = 29.6%
Writing = 29.1%

This year in maths, all students are making at least expected progress and many have had big accelerations.   A small proportion of students (13% and 8%) are struggling to make a year's progress in reading and writing but may well achieve it by the end of the year.  For half of these children, attendance of less than 90% is a factor in their struggles and we continue to promote full attendance.

Our next step is to upgrade our student's self management and motivation so they can take back some control and hence build greater SELF-motivation in their learning.  Now that we have rebuilt our capacity and shared understanding of explicitly and successfully teaching the basics very well, we will focusing on further building up the children's 21st century learning skills - creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.  We will also have a broader curriculum focus and turn our attention to helping our students fulfil themselves and find their special areas of gifts across the whole curriculum.  We will do this in a very measured way that maintains and builds respect and achievement for all students.


This term our value focus is one of our 4Rs - REVERENCE.  Reverence is the deep respect we have for God.

We will encourage the children to marvel at the wonder of God revealed in Creation.  

We will also teach them some of the reasons for our church rituals,  These are outward signs that remind us we are in the presence of God.

For instance - did you know that genuflecting to the tabernacle (where the host is kept) is associated with paying homage to a king?  As we are acknowledging we are in the presence of God we bend down on one knee.  This is linked to the practice of the knight in Medieval times kneeling to offer service to the king.  So this church ritual of genuflecting is a way of reminding ourselves that God is our King.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

Thursday, 19 October 2017

2. Special Character Week 1, Term 4 2017

 This Sunday is Mission Sunday

In Bujuni, a remote parish deep in the heart of Uganda, bringing life into the world is often fraught with danger. Many women take great risks to get to the nearest affordable maternity ward at St Luke Bujuni Health Centre. Despite the tireless work of Sister Mary Goretti and her small staff, the health centre does not have the capacity to deal with the influx of high-risk pregnancies amongst the many expectant mothers. Sadly, the potential consequences can be tragic. 
With your support through MISSIO-NZ, Sister Goretti is hoping to expand St Luke’s and provide essential services for women and children. Please give generously to support women and children’s health through Jesus’ life-giving mission today.

You can donate using this link:- 

This Week's Faith Fact:-

St Ignatius of Antioch 
St. Ignatius of Antioch was born in the year 50 to a pagan family (people who do not believe in God). He later wanted to become a Christian and was converted.
Ignatius was the third bishop of Antioch. This is the city where St. Peter laboured before he moved to Rome. It is also the city where followers of Jesus were first called Christians. He was the first writer to use the term "the catholic church."
Ignatius was condemned to death by Emperor Trajan, who hated Christians. Ignatius was pushed out into the amphitheater where two fierce lions devoured him. He was a martyr who died for his belief in Christ.
He left the beautiful witness of Christian life and his letters. St. Ignatius died around 107.
He is a great example of leadership and courage for our church today.

Pope Francis when speaking to the Church Relations Committee of the United Bible Societies. (5/10/17) said that, "the word of God enlightens, protects, defends, heals and frees, ” Let’s accept Pope Francis’ challenge this term to, “…walk together to spread the word… to pray together, that the Father’s will be done…to work together, that what the Lord has said may be accomplished in us.

God Bless
Nicola Winders

3. School Notices - Week 1, Term 4 2017


For anyone who missed the newspaper notice on 27 September:

A casual vacancy has occurred on the St Joseph’s board of trustees for two elected parent representatives.
         The board has resolved under section 105 of the Education Act 1989 to fill the vacancy by selection.
         If ten percent or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.
         Any eligible voter who wishes to ask the board to hold a by-election should write to:
         Board of Trustees
         St Joseph’s School

By 25th October 


Altar Servers
Saturday 21st October - Samuel Plieger, Mariah Cunningham and Indya Cunningham
Sunday 22nd October - Hana Davies, Morgan Baillie, Annalise Kilgour and Henry Robinson

Birthday Greetings to:

Chloe Bartley, Samuel McEvoy, Levi Crowder, Samuel Plieger and Shakyla Meikle

Book Fair
We are holding a Scholastic Book Fair on Monday 30th October and it runs for the week.  It is open from 8.40 to 9.15 am and 2.45 to 3.15 pm each day in the school hall.

During the second week of the school holidays, four of our Yr 7 boys represented the North Otago U13 Basketball team in the Southern Regional Championships in Invercargill.  Winning 6/6 games, they came home as the successful champions of the Boys 'B' grade in which there were 9 teams competing.  Their final game was against South Canterbury.  Our representative players were Campbell Fowler, Taine Dyson, Hotili Asi and Maximum Fatafehi.  Congratulations boys and well done.
Please ensure your children are wearing the blue school hats during break and lunch times.

Home & School Food Fair - Only 2 weekends away
Cake Wheel - we still have 19 vacancies for our cake wheel and we welcome either muffins, slices, biscuits, loaves and cakes.  Please put your name down on the list outside the office door.
Cupcake Competition - any child can make a cupcake and enter it into the competition at the food fair.  A reminder that it is for children only and for parents to watch!!

Lost Property

We have a huge collection of lost property involving a different array of clothing.  Please check these clothes asap because next week they will be redistributed to the uniform shop and St Vincent de Paul.
A reminder when you buy a second hand item of clothing, please remove the previous person's name on it.

Maori Language Expression of Interest in 2018
The Te Wananga o Aotearoa is exploring the possibility of coming to Oamaru to deliver their brilliant Maori language programme for adults in 2018.  To express interest in the course, please click the link below and complete the following brief form online:  
Te Wangaga o Aotearoa will be coming to Oamaru on Tuesday 31st at 6.00 pm so please complete your expression of interest by October 27th.

School photos will be handed out to your children tomorrow.  All orders have to given to the office by Friday 3rd November.

Pies and Milo
The pies and milo lunches stopped operating at the end of term 3 as it was a Home and School initiative to have a hot lunch in the winter terms. 

Senior Athletics Sports Day
Will be held on Monday 13th November for children aged 8 to 13 years.  If you help out on this day, please let Paula Brien know on  The junior athletics date will be advised next week.

Summer Sports
Touch Rugby - we have found a coach for the Broncos team and thank everyone who has offered to coach this term.  There is Player of the Day certificates for collection from the touch grounds.  Please collect them next Tuesday if you have not already done so.  This is the last amended team list for touch rugby. Touch rugby draws will be on the sports notice board or their Facebook page

TIGERS – YR 1/2/3
BRONCOS – YR 1/2/3
STORM –  YR 4/5/6
Luse Asi
Eva Fatafehi
Hamish Fowler
Hunter Gough
Indeg Jones-Hogan
Jonathan Miller
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo
Cameron Aston
Jacob Bartley
Cruz Illingworth
Lilly Kelcher
Liam Lindsay
Blake Meek
Mya Robinson

Sam Asi
Troy Chikowore
Lisiate Hausia
Eva Keno
Jada-Rose Keno
Riley Tuffley

Chloe Bartley
Payton Bartley
Nye Jones-Hogan
William Pardede
Jacob Robinson
Paddy Spillane
Sione Tuuefiafi
Michael Woodhouse

COACHES:  Charmaine Fisher and Chloe Fisher-Hill
COACH:  Suzanne Aston
COACH:  Anna/ Dan Keno
COACHES:  Lee Woodhouse and Jody Robinson

ROCKETS – YR 4/5/6
Bronson Bartlett
Willow Bartlett
Liam Cameron
Lewis Gough
Cody Marshall
Kenton Tokai
Krtistiana Whiston

Seth Bartley
Levi Crowder
Jack Hayman
Eleni Hausia
Samuel Plieger
Andrew Sinclair
Anika Winders
Elenoa Asi
Hotili Asi
Taine Dyson
Max Fatafehi
Georgia Fox
Campbell Fowler
Sebastian Spillane
Tessa Souness
Matthew Woodhouse

COACH:   Sebastian Whiston
COACH : Lee Woodhouse

COACH:  Justin Fowler

  • All cricket starts on Saturday 28th October
  • Superstar Cricket Academy and Superstar Cricket Grade for children aged 5-8 years will run from 9.30 am to 10.15 at Centennial Oval.  Please be there at 9.15 am to register your name and the cost is free. All children will start in Academy and then move up to Grade cricket.
  • The names of the cricket grades have been changed to bring them into line with the names NZ Cricket have for the junior formats.  "Intermediate" will replace "4th Grade" and "Primary" will replace "5th" Grade.
  • Primary and Intermediate Cricket will start at 8.45 am and is for Yrs 3-8.
  • Practices for Primary and Intermediate are on Wednesdays at St Kevin's College nets at 3.30 pm.
  • Team lists will be out next week.
We warmly welcome Tevita Leo to our Yr 2 class and welcome back Natalie Shah to Yr 2.
Community Notices 
  • Fenwick Primary School Gala - held on Friday 27th October from 5.00 to 7.00 pm.  There is a garage sale, orb balls, noddy train, face painting, pony rides, coconut shy and other games, food stalls and much more.
  • Poem & Photo Competition - write a poem and attach a cool photo of your pet.  Then either send by email to or take it into your Blue Cross Veterinary Centre before Friday 27th October.  Don't forget to include your name, age and school.  First prize is $100 voucher.
  • Oamaru Library - are excited to host Deano Yipadee, author of 'Jingle Bells, Rudolph Smells', 'Nee Naw the Little Fire Engine' and 'Stink-o-saurus' at Oamaru Library.  This event is on Wednesday 1st November from 4.15 to 5.00 pm.  Gold coin entry per child.
  • Weston Fireworks - held on Friday 3rd November at 7.00 pm at the Weston Domain. Tickets cost $10 for adults and high school students, primary school cost $5 and preschoolers are free.  Food and drink stalls, bouncy castles, music, laser tag, glow products, helicopter rides etc.
  • The Booties Project - You are invited to take part in The Booties Project whose goal is collect 12,000 pairs of booties by 1 June 2018, to create a display within weeks of the 2017 abortion figures being publicised.  Following the display, all booties will be distributed to maternity wards and birthing centres in towns and cities all around New Zealand.  Booties can be knitted, crocheted or sewn in any pattern, colour or suitable material.  Pre-loved booties in excellent condition are also gratefully accepted.  Please fasten pairs together with a length of yarn stitched through the top opening and tied in a bow or knot.  For further information contact Roseanne on 434 5717 or Gloria on 434 7654.