Thursday, 1 November 2018

Principal's News Week 3 Term 4 2018

Year 7 Camp
I thought our Year 7 camp was fantastic.  We've had a lot of positive feedback and the children really enjoyed themselves.  Camp is about getting to experience Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) and EOTC is not just about zip-lining, bush walking, outdoor survival skills or coasteering (all of which we did), its also about learning to get along with other people (respect and relationships), developing leadership skills (relationships), resilience and also reverence - we feel God's presence powerfully through nature.  Our year 7s experienced all of this.

Something magical seems to happen to our year 7s when they get to this time of year.  They are suddenly bigger and wiser.  They are a group.  They have got each other's backs and you can see all their individual leadership qualities starting to shine through and what they might do with them in year 8 and beyond.  Leadership isn't just about being up front doing the talking.  Leadership is about showing the way and just doing what needs to be done or finding the best in a situation, or encouraging others.  The fabulous thing about camp for me was experiencing the growing depth and maturity in these children and seeing these things in action.

Another thing that stood out for me was when someone missed the mark in some way, they just said, "Sorry" and fixed it - no drama.  A great group of young people.

A huge thank you to our parent helps - Chris Hogan, Chris Heaphy and Rebecca Heffernan.

More about EOTC
At St Joseph's we've always tried to make a progression building from year 6 EOTC experiences, through year 7 and culminating in the year 8 Mt Somer's tramp.  For some outdoor activities we need qualified instructors and there are rigorous health and safety checks that all add to the cost of EOTC thus making it more difficult to do some of the things we want.  Our teachers have lots of ideas, but we have some restrictions....

So We Need You.....
Early in 2019 our senior syndicate teachers would like to gather parents to share what we do on our camps, to share camp feedback, to discuss options for the future, to pick your brains about what is out there and what you want for your children.  We want to be sure we are on the right track and we need your voice in the process.  So please hold your good ideas and we will get together early in 2019 to make some decisions for our 2019 EOTC.

Last night our Board considered responses to the uniform survey.  We are concerned about some social justice aspects of our uniform, mainly:  1. restriction to girls' movements and 2. cost to families.  The Board has come up with four broad alternatives which we would like you to vote on.  You will all get a take home hard copy voting form and we won't make any decisions until we've got a 50% response (roughly 70 families).  The Board has agreed up front that we will look at a heavier, more durable fabric for our polar fleeces.

At this point the other options are broad.  Once we know where your preference lies as a community we will proceed with details - ie. suppliers, what it actually looks like etc and get that back to you.  If we are making changes we would do our best to have that sorted by the end of term 1 2019.  No new changes would be enforced immediately and we could give it up to 5 years for everybody to make the change - that means if you've just bought new uniform you can wear it as long as you need to.  We don't want any family to go to any extra cost.

Here are the options.  You will get a voting form:

Uniform Option 1
Unisex multipurpose uniform which covers everyday and PE:
Shorts, polo top, thicker fleece, navy socks
Dark brown or black leather shoes, with dark brown or black leather sandals as an option for summer (bring sneakers for PE days)
Navy trackpants optiion for winter
Same uniform all year.
School jackets remain as a option.

Option 2
Skorts for girls
Polo shirts for boys in a nicer colour
Polo shirts or similar for girls.
Option of kilts for intermediate girls.
Separate PE uniform as present

Option 3
Skorts for girls
Everything else as is
Option of kilt for intermediate girls

Option 4
Keep it as it is.

Remember we don't need to sort out the details now - just the big picture.

Dates for 2019
Term 1: Monday 4th February - Friday 12th April
Term 2: Monday 29th April - Friday 5th July
Term 3: Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September
Term 4: Monday 14th October - Friday 20th December
There will be one teacher only day during 2019 and the date will be advised when we know.

School Closure
You may be aware that NZEI members have voted to have a rolling strike.  Our area is striking on Thursday 15th November.  St Joseph's will be CLOSED on that day.    Please support teachers in our action - we are giving up a day's pay to make a point that we hope will make a difference for our profession and for our learners now and in the future.

End of Year Celebrations
Our end of year community gathering is our final mass.  This will be at 6pm on Thursday 13th December at the basilica.
At this mass the junior school will perform their nativity liturgy and we are organising to get it live-streamed onto the screens.
Prize-giving for year 8s
The award of the Just like Jesus role model - one from each class.
Presentation of candles to year 8 leavers.
Mr Paul Olsen, principal of St Kevin's will be presented with our year 8 roll.
All children are expected to be present and bring their families to join us for this end of year celebration.

On Friday 14th December starting at 11.45am we will have our final assembly.  This will include:
Speeches from our head boy and head girl
Presentation of leavers' certificates to the year 8 leavers.
Announcement of the 2019 leadership roles for the year 7s.
We will end with carols and the children will leave at 12.30pm.

Food Fair
A big thank you to our Home and School for our International Food Fair last Sunday.  We had a lot of people from the community at the fair and we raised more money than ever before.  Very well done to all involved and it was a great day.

Some Writing to Share - GOOD FRIENDS by Lachlan Criddle (this was a writing test)
An awesome friend always has your back even when it feels like the end of humanity.  A true friend would do whatever it takes to make sure you are smiling and happy, like how me and my amazing, joyful friend Tommy would risk a lot for each other's happiness, joy and faith in God.

Firstly, a good friend has the important job of keeping everyone in the entire world really happy.  Good friends share a world of joy.  They can both see each other in the future having an outstanding amount of faith in the human race's future!  Me and Tommy have bonded and connected over the few years we have known each other.

Secondly they trust each other fully and treat them like family.  A great friend sees the good in you and everyone.

Finally, a true best friend would treat you like a brother or sister.  They will always have faith in you and never forget that.  Your friends are some of the greatest gifts.

God bless and aroha,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

Special Character Term 4 Week 3

Faith Facts this Week:-

Pope Francis Prayer intention for November.
Peace: That the language of love and dialogue may always prevail over the language of conflict.

Hands Across the Divide in Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Image result for peace catholic
1st All Saints
All Saints’ Day is a holy day in the Catholic Christian calendar set aside to honour all the saints, especially those without their own special feast days. In the West, it is held annually on November 1
2nd All Souls
All SoulsDay is a holy day in the calendar that falls on November 2. The Catholic church sets aside All SoulsDay to remember those who have died.

God Bless 
Nicola Winders
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3. School Notices - Week 3, Term 4 2018


Altar Servers
Saturday 3rd November - Joshua & Lachie Criddle, Indya Cunningham & Mariah Cunningham
Sunday 4th November - Ivy-Belle & Molly-May Mestrom and Seth Bartley
Saturday 10th November - Halalova & Elenoa Asi, Madison & Cooper Jones and Annalise Kilgour
Sunday 11th November - Daniel & Jonathan Jorgensen, Morgan Baillie, Ivy-Belle Mestrom and Serah Staju

Birthday Greetings for the next two weeks:

Elias Fraser, John Orillo, Paolo Mordeno, Aedrick Perez, James & Luke Bremner, Ruby Wickham and Larnik Vincent.

Athletics for the whole school

Athletics Day for Seniors and Juniors 2018
Dear Parents/Caregivers
Our whole school athletics is on Wednesday 14th November at Whitestone Contracting Stadium/Centennial Park and we are combining it with Oamaru North School.

Children are to meet at Centennial Park at 8.50 am in the grandstand in their classes and are to be collected from Centennial Park at 3.00 pm when the athletics are finished.  Junior school children aged 5-7 years will finish about 1.45 pm and can be collected to take home.  All the other children will be supervised till 3.00 pm.  Please notify your child’s teacher beforehand if you intend to take your child early or if they are staying till 3.00 pm.  Children will not be allowed to leave the grounds at any stage until it is time for them to go.

Bus children – In the morning, all bus children will be dropped off at St Joseph’s and they will catch a shuttle bus out to the grounds provided by Ritchies.  This bus will leave at 8.40 am on Usk Street and a teacher will ensure your child catches this bus.  In the afternoon, there will be two buses collecting the children at 3.10 pm outside the main entrance to Centennial Park.  Darryl the town bus driver will collect the town bus children and the Kakanui shuttle bus will collect the country children and take them to Waitaki Boys High School via St Kevin’s so they can catch their respective buses.  Please let me know if your child is catching either the morning or afternoon bus or both so we can have a list of bus children on that day.

Parent/Older Sibling Helpers – we still need at least 8-9 parent helpers and thank you to the 8 people who have already offered. If you can do even a half day, it would be appreciated.  We need more people this year as the whole school is operating all at once.
Children are to wear their school PE gear including sport shoes and bring the following items:
·         SUN HAT – very important
·         Track pants, school jacket, school polar fleece, thermal, warm clothes (if cold) and school bag
·         Sunscreen
·         Water bottles x 2 in plastic containers
·         Enough food and snacks to last the whole day

Please do not bring any glassware, energy or fizzy drinks.
The day will start at 9.00 am with a prayer, the roll will be taken and the children notified of what is expected during the day.  We expect all children to be at the grounds by 8.50 am in order for our first rotation to start at 9.20 am.  The rotations should be finished by 2.45 pm followed by tidying up the grounds and a final thank you.  Children will be ready to leave by 3.00 pm.

The day will consist of the junior and senior children running their events simultaneously apart from the sprints and relays which will be run at the same time.  A bell will indicate the change of events and to move on to the next rotation.  The relays will be run at the end of the junior rotations.

Children will run in their age groups from 8 years old as of 1st October 2018 and the juniors from 5-7 years will run in their made up colour groups.
If it is raining, our postponement day is Friday 16th November.  You will be notified by 7.30 am if it is postponed by Facebook and email and it will be school as usual.
Students that qualify for North Otago Athletics on Monday 26th November will receive information about this. 

Anyone wishing to attend Otago Primary Schools athletics please let me know.

The programme of events and times will be given to you nearer the time once we have confirmation of helpers from both schools.

Any questions about this day, please contact me.

Paula Brien, Sports Co-ordinator, Email:

Book Fair
Another successful book fair is on this week and we would like to thank our wonderful parent helpers who have offered to help at the book fair.  To end our fabulous Book Fair Week, we will be having a dress up Book Character day on Friday 3rd November.  Please send your child to school dressed up as one of their favourite book characters.  We will begin the day together with prayers outside (weather permitting) and have a parade around the netball courts followed by a whole school photo - you are welcome to join us.

Annalise Kilgour sat her NZ Speech Board Grade 5, module 2 exam last week and got Merit Plus. Well done Annalise, keep up the great work.

Cricket Festival
Next Tuesday our Yr 5/6 class is participating in the North Otago primary school cricket festival being held at Centennial Park. We still require 2-3 more adults to manage a team of 6-7 children in each team.  If anyone has older high school siblings or grandparents that could help out, we would appreciate any help. We have enough help with transport.  Mrs Asi will be the contact person for this festival.

End of Year Trophies
Any families that have trophies presented to them at our 2017 end of year prize giving, please return them to the school office.

Food Fair
A very big thank you to the Home & School Committee for organising a very successful Food Fair last Sunday.  It was wonderful to see so many people there and tasty food being offered.
The Home and School would like to thank everyone from the school community that attended the Food Fair and the wonderful people that helped their committee set up and run the event. Based on plate sales and cake wheel sales, proceeds are up on last year.  An extra 140 plates of food and cake sales were sold.  Below is some photos of the day.

<br />

Pita Pit Lunches
We have received no feedback regarding the Pita Pit lunches from last weeks school newsletter so we are including the information again this week.

Pita Pit Oamaru
Would like the opportunity to have their healthy and delicious pitas delivered to our school as part of a healthy lunch option.  They would have a designated day for the lunch orders and we would still have Subway lunch orders on a Friday.

With Pita Pit you do not give your orders to school as you order and pay for them online and they are delivered to school on the designated day.  Our school will not be involved with the ordering of the lunches nor can we send in late order lunches.

We are seeking feedback as to whether you will use this second lunch option so please contact the office if you are interested by next week.  The menu also caters for gluten and dairy free diets.


Main:   Free range chicken, free farmed ham, roast beef and Falafei cost $5.20 each

             Garden veggie costs $4.70

All pitas come with a choice of plain or wholemeal bread and come with a choice of up to three fillings.

Sides:    Cookie baked chocolate candy 60g is $2.10

Drinks:  Charlies 600 ml spring water and 200 ml apple juice, black currant and apple juice is $2.10
Combo: Candy cookie and 600 ml water is $3.65
              Candy cookie and black currant apple juice is $3.65


Friday 2nd - Book Character Dress Up Day
                   -  No Subway lunches
                   -  School photos due back
                   - Book Fair finishes
                   -  Slime sales
Saturday 3rd - Superstar Cricket Academy starts
Monday 5th - Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 6th - Cricket Festival for Yr 5/6 class
Thursday 8th - Yr 4/5 class to Whitestone City
Friday 9th - School newsletter out instead of Thursday

Road Patrol

This week Constable Hamilton has been teaching some of our Yr 7 students on how to become road patrol leaders for next year.  Anthony Chen and Cooper Jones were learning the ropes.
School Accounts
Will be emailed out this week.

School Closed

Please note due to the national teacher's strike happening on Thursday 15th November, our school will be closed all day.  This is to give you advance notice to arrange child care.

School Photos

All school photo orders have to be in by Friday as they are being taken to Fotographix on Monday.

Slime Sales

Athena and Indya have about 80 containers of slime to sell this Friday after school from 3.05 to 3.15 pm outside by the Yr 4/5 class.  Each slime sells for $6.00 each with a donation going to Caritas.

Sport Draws
The cricket and touch draws will be emailed out to you next week.  They will not be in a newsletter.

Subway Lunches
There will be no Subway lunches this Friday 2nd November due to it being National Hunger Day and Subway are promoting buy one roll and get one free so they will be too busy to do our school lunches.  Subway will resume again on Friday 9th November.

There is no Technology on Monday 19th November for the Yr 7 class as St Kevin's have teachers away on that day.

Community Notices
  • Christmas  Craft Workshops - at Light house art studio.  End of this month for children and adults.  See Facebook/lighhouseart or phone Catherine on 027 901 2347 for details.