Thursday, 8 September 2016

1. Principal's News - Week 7, Term 3 2016

Thank Yous
Union Meeting - Thank you for the support of staff who attended the union meeting today.  We are grateful for your co-operation.  The small number of children we had at school were well catered for, so many thanks to the staff who covered their supervision.

LJ Hooker - This week Debbie Jansen from LJ Hooker donated $100 to our school in recognition of house sales in the area and LJ Hooker's policy of giving donations back to the community.  We thank them very much for their kind donation.  If you ring Debbie at LJ Hooker for a free appraisal on your home and end up listing your house exclusive with them and selling it, LJ Hooker will donate $200 to St Joseph's and also give you $200 worth of vouchers.
A meeting of Tongan parents and families was held at the school last Monday evening.  We talked about the children's progress, what is happening in Junior Hub 1 and about Tongan Language week.

Michael Mangin
We have Michael Mangin singer/songwriter visiting the Parish next Tuesday.  He will spend Monday with the Parish and visit the school on Tuesday to conduct a workshop with all our children.  We already know many of his songs so will be looking forward to learning some more.

Caught Being Good
This week we have been having a 'Caught Being Good' week to celebrate all the good behaviour around the school.  Too often (of necessity) we concentrate on the negative.  Each day children who have gone the extra mile in their learning or in their attitude and helpfulness to others, in school or out, are recognised with a subway voucher.  While we want children to strive to be the best they can be at all times, it is nice to occasionally recognise those who are making an extra effort.
Congratulations to Elenoa  Asi, Georgia Fox, Cushla Bridges, Max Fatafehi, Riley Tuffley and Sam Asi.  Here are some reasons why the children received the vouchers:

  • staying on task
  • following instructions
  • working independently
  • helping a fellow class mate at break time
  • picking up rubbish on Dee Street on the way to school
  • volunteering to stay in at break and finish work

Advance Notice
There will be a Teacher Only Day on Friday 21st October, the Friday before Labour weekend to enable staff to take part in Professional Development.

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