Thursday, 12 September 2019

1. Principal's News Week 8 Term 3 2019

Singing Cup
MAKE A DATE - Next Friday 20th September
Finals for solos and groups starting at 9.15 am.

Prize-giving for winners
Plus House Choirs
Plus Staff Choir

Starting at 2.00 pm

All in the school hall - We would love you to join us for this joyful celebration of talent.

Welcome Mass
There will be a Welcome Mass on Sunday 3rd November at 9.30am for all children who have joined St Joseph's in the last year.  At our Welcome Mass we formally welcome our new children and families.  Each child is presented with a children's Bible from our Home and School association.

If this is you, you will get an invitation. Please add the date to your diary.

Our Kapa Haka group performed at the library today and then at Best-start Kindergarten to mark Maori Language Week.

Last week our Tongan group performed at the library to mark Tongan language week.

Our Enviroschool leader, Molly May received our Enviroschool sign from Mayor Gary Kircher at last week's assembly.

North Otago Cross Country
Well done to our place-getters in North Otago Cross Country.

Religious Education
In religious education we are learning about Sacrament.  Check out our Sacrament page for parents if you would like to support your children with their learning at home.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2.Special Character Week 8 Term 3 2019

                                                      Kiaora, Tena Koutou Katoa
                                       Happy Maori Language Week
Special Dates
9th St Peter Claver
13th St John of Chrysostom 

This week is Social Justice Week Justice Week: FAIR, YOU SAY? Seeking fairness in an unfair world.
During Social Justice Week this year (September 8-14), we invite all our school communities throughout Aotearoa to focus on the issue of fairness. In our world, which is tainted by unfairness, we are challenged to open our eyes to what is not just, and to be inspired to be instruments that will bring fairness and justice in our homes, schools, communities and the wider world.

Lautado Si

Social Justice Week: FAIR, YOU SAY? Seeking fairness in an unfair world
Pope Francis’ call to us in Laudato Si’ encompasses all core principles of Catholic social teaching:
../../../../../../Desktop/images-1.pngSolidarity – Walking together;
Stewardship – Being responsible guardians;
Participation – Everyone has a part to play
Subsidiarity – Empowering Communities
Human Dignity – Made in God’s image
Common Good – The good of each and all
Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable  
As Global Citizens and members of the Body of Christ, together we make the difference!
Spiritual Reading
Let us all resign ourselves into His hands, and pray that in all things He may guide us to do His Holy Will ... When thoughts of this or that come I turn to Him and say: "Only what you will, my God. Use me as You will". --St Mary of the Cross MacKillop
Psalm 75
We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks to you! We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done. “I have set a time for judgment,” says God, “and I will judge with fairness.
Thank you and have a great week
All is blessing! Peace is close at hand. Its blessing
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

3. School Notices - Week 8, Term 3 2019


Altar Servers
Saturday 14th September - Cooper & Madison Jones, Joseph and Paddy Spillane
Sunday 15th September - Lilly Kelcher and Ivy-Belle & Molly-May Mestrom

Birthday Greetings
No birthdays this week

Burns Memorial Art Virtual Exhibition

St Joseph's has artwork displayed at this exhibition and you can now view it online from 31st August to 6th October.  Visit at

Basketball - a big congratulations to Cody Marshall who received the overall North Otago Basketball Most Valuable Player award for the Yr 7 & 8 competition.  He was selected out from all the boys who play in this grade and is a well deserved recipient.  (St Joseph's have been lucky enough to have this award two years running!!)
Cody has also played U15 rep basketball for North Otago and will be able to trial for the same age group again next year or Otago if there is no North Otago team.

Netball - well done to our Yr 8 netball team who received the North Otago Fair Play Award.  This award was given to the St Joseph's Gold team who showed resilience and Fair Play towards other teams this season.  This trophy is awarded to only one team out of all those who play netball on a Saturday.

Rugby - congratulations to two of our rugby teams, the 9 & 10 year old and the 11 & 12 year old teams who both won their respective grades this season.  The 11/12 year olds won all their games and the 9/10 year olds lost one and drew one.  Both of these teams play a fast style of rugby and there were some speedy runners in both teams. Thanks to the players who came from other schools to help field teams this year.
During the 2018 calf season, a number of dairy farmers in our community elected our school to receive a donation of $.50 per calf of every calf received by their local processor Oamaru Meats Ltd.  Through the generosity of these dairy farmers, they are thrilled to donate a payment of $165.00 to support the children in our school.
Oamaru Meats Ltd in partnership with BXFOODS is proud to support the local community and its future generations and recognises it is sometimes hard to find funds.  They are doing it again this year and encourage you to nominate St Joseph's  when they process calves with Oamaru Meats Ltd this year.  Thank you Oamaru Meats Ltd and BXFOODS.

Food Fair
Our annual Food Fair is on Sunday 20th October and the Home and School are busy getting things organised.  In order for it to be another successful day, they would like volunteers/helpers to help out on the day as some stalls at this stage do not have anyone running them. They also need crock pots and rice cookers to be donated for the day. Meals will be served from 12.00 pm onwards and it is finished by 2.00 pm.  If you can help out on this day, please let Rebecca Heffernan know on  027 432 4056 or contact the office.  Further information will be available in next week's newsletter.

Gymnastic Competition
Our school will not be competing in the Top School's Gymnastic competition this year but there is a Club Recreational Competition run by the Pathfinders Gymnastic Club being held on Saturday 21st September in the Drill Hall.  This competition is open to recreational children only (no competitive or ex competitive children).  Entry fee is $10.00, spectators gold coin and this is payable on the day before competition starts.
The routine is the same one that gymnasts have done for the Top School's gymnastic competition.  This is not organised by the school and it is up to families to enter the children.  If you want a copy of the routine, we have one at school.
Attached to the email is a flyer regarding this competition, start times and what to wear.

Last week we sent out a letter regarding the measles outbreak and if we did not have a copy of your immunisation certificate we requested a copy of it.  Thank you to the parents who have given us a copy of the certificate or let us know that there child is not vaccinated.  There is still a number of families who have not advised us of their children's status and we need this information asap because if there was a case of measles at school, all children whom we don't have a record for would be sent home for 10 days during this period.
You can get a copy of your child's Immunisation Status from your doctor.

Lost Property
Willow Bartlett has lost her new named polar fleece (thicker polar fleece) so can everyone please check your child's fleeces to see if they have picked it up by mistake.
There is also a large number of older style polar fleeces and lost property in the foyer.  Please check to see if it belongs to you otherwise it will be given to the Uniform Shop or Salvation Army at the end of term (two weeks time).

Friday 13 - no subway lunches
                - assembly at 2.30 pm
Sunday 15 - North Otago Touch Rugby trials
Monday 16 - technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 17 - Board of Trustee meeting
Wednesday 18 - Filmmakers Awards at 7.00 pm at SKC
Friday 20 - Singing Cup

School Cross Country
Please accept our apologies for not displaying the results of our school cross country.  We were waiting to get a photo of the children with their trophies as some had been away.

Year 4       Eva Fatafehi and Daniel Woodhouse
Year 5       Mya Robinson and Hunter Gough
Year 6       Willow Bartlett and Ben Gillies
Year 7       Marianne Alegre and Michael Woodhouse
Year 8       Zara Davies and Levi Heffernan

Subway Lunches
There will be no Subway lunch orders tomorrow or Friday 20th September due to the refurbishment of the restaurant.

Touch Rugby

North Otago Touch Rugby is holding trials this Sunday 15th September at 3.00 pm at Centennial Park. Ages as at 1st January 2020.   Sections are:

Under 12 Boys and Girls
Under 14 Boys and Girls
Under 16 Boys and Girls

If you cannot make it to trials, please let Mark Robertson know on 027 890 0713.
  • The competition starts again on Tuesday 15th October (first week in term 4). 
  • The teams are the same for term 4 because the competition runs for both term 1 and term 4.
  • Some teams have been slightly amended due to new players joining a team.  If you are in Yrs 1,2 or 3 and wish to play touch, please let Mrs Brien know immediately as we will make 2 teams in this grade.
  • Referees - if you are interested in becoming a touch rugby referee which you get paid for, please give your name to Mrs Brien.
  • All coaches are confirmed to coach again for term 4.
  • 2020 will see the introduction of a separate boys and girls grade for Yrs 4/5/6 as well as the Yr 7 & 8.
Touch Teams – Term 4 2019 amended 12-9-19

Tigers - Yr 1/2/3

William Allardice
Pippa Campbell
Milly Fogarty
Hunter Forrest
Lewis Geypen
Lucas Kofoed
Liam Lindsay
Theo Mestrom
Dihviyn Soane
Aki Tahitu’a
Siale Tokai
Cooper van Rooy
Analiese Whiston

Pumas - Yr 4/5/6

Luse Asi
Clarence Coscos
Rheanna Coscos
Eva Fatafehi
Blake Meek
Warren Pardede
William Pardede
Kenton Tokai

Rockets - Yr 4/5/6

Willow Bartlett
Milly Campbell
Isaiah Castro
Lilly Kelcher
Alex Perniskie
Kacymea Tahitua
Vilivea Tahitua
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo


Co-Coaches – William Kofoed and Adele Whiston

Co-Coaches – Michelle Fatafehi and Charmaine Asi

Coach – Emma Perniskie

Ferns - Yr 4/5/6

Cameron Aston
Hamish Fowler
Hunter Gough
Indeg Jones-Hogan
Eva Keno
Chelsea Koay
Mya Robinson
Daniel Woodhouse

Turbos – Mixed Yr 7/8

Sam Asi
Liam Cameron
Troy Chikowore
Nye Jones-Hogan
Molly-May Mestrom
Jada-Rose Keno
Mya Lindsay
Kristiana Whiston
Lachlan Wilkinson

Dynamos - Competitive Yr 7/8

Ben Gillies
Lisiate Hausia
Paddy Spillane
Riley Tuffley
Michael Woodhouse

Weston School
Lloyd Fellows
Romeo Harris
Angus Loe
Josh Miller


Coach – Jody Robinson

Coach:   Ella Frew (SKC student)  
Coach: Lee Woodhouse

Community Notices
  • Brass and Pipes - come along and enjoy an afternoon's entertainment with a variety of pipe and Citadel bands this Saturday 14th September at 4.00 pm at the Oamaru Salvation Army Citadel.  $5.00 door entry fee.

4. Diary Dates - Week 8, Term, 3 2019

Thursday 12                  -  Home and School meeting at 7.00 pm
Friday 13                       -  No subway lunches today
                                      -  Celebration assembly at 2.30 pm
Sunday 15                     -  North Otago Touch Rugby Trials today
Monday 16                    -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 17                    -  Board of  Trustee meeting at 6.00 pm
Wednesday 18               -  Vision and Hearing visit
                                      -  Filmmakers in Schools Festival & Awards night at 7.00 pm at SKC
Thursday 19                  -  School Mass at 9.15 am
                                      -  ECB and Young Vinnies
                                      -  Terrific Thursdays at 2.15 pm
Friday 20                      -  Singing Cup for Yrs 5-8 at St Joseph’s School at 9.15 am
                                      -  No Subway lunches today
Sunday 22                     -  Home & School Racecourse Fundraiser – Yr 7 class
Monday 23                    -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 24                    -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8 at 8.50 am at St Kevin’s College
Thursday 26                  -  School Mass at 9.15 am
                                      -  Terrific Thursdays at 2.15 pm
Friday 27                       -  Term 3 finishes

Monday 14                    -  Term 4 starts
                                      -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 15                    -  School photos
                                      -  Touch Rugby starts today – St Joseph’s is on duty
Sunday 20                     -  Food Fair
Monday 21                    -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Thursday 24                  -  Home & School Racecourse Fundraiser
Monday 28                    -  Labour Day holiday – school closed
Tuesday 29                    -  Yr 7 & 8 camp
                                      -  Book Fair Week
Wednesday 30               -  Yr 7 & 8 camp
                                      -  Book Fair Week
Thursday 31                  -  Yr 7 & 8 camp
                                      -  Book Fair Week

Friday 1                        -  Yr 8 camp
                                     -  Book Fair Week
Sunday 3                      -  Welcome Mass at 9.30 am *
Friday 8                       -  St Patrick’s Church 125 year celebrations
Saturday 9                   -  St Patrick’s Church 125 year celebrations
Tuesday 12                  -  School athletics for whole school
Thursday 14                -  School athletics postponement date
Monday 25                  -  North Otago Athletics
Friday 29                     -  Multicultural Day

Friday 20                     -  School finishes for the year at 12.30 pm

Thursday, 5 September 2019

1. Principal's News Week 7 Term 3 2019

Year 7s checked out our new Makey makey devices this week.  The Makey makeys allow them to connect code-writing with an output to have a real effect.  One of the fascinating first-ups was the way the electric circuit could be made with an earth lead and several people joined together.

Daffodil Day Staff Versus Student Netball
Our year 8s made a strong challenge to our staff last week in our annual staff versus student netball game.  The staff won, but we did have some advantages.  Well done to all players.

Cross Country
A big congratulations to our students who qualified for North Otago Cross Country and represented our school this week.

Thank you to Mrs Brien who took a big responsibility in the organisation of the whole event this year.

Sacrament Learning
We are learning about sacrament at the moment:

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2.Special Character Week 7 Term 3 2019

                          Malo e Lelei. Malo 'etau lava
Special Dates

3rd St Gregory the Great
Image result for Southland seaPope Francis prayer for September
Universal: That politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans. God, our Creator, as we reflect on the mysteries of the ocean depths, we celebrate the wondrous design of the seas that surround us. Help us to stop polluting our oceans and to empathise with the pain of creation. Teach us to know the presence of God in the tides and currents of the seven seas. Teach us to care for the oceans and all our waterways. In the name of God, the creative force that designs and governs all creation. Amen.

Lautado Si
Bees are attracted to blue, purple, yellow and white blooms. Bee populations are declining everywhere, yet we depend on them for one third of our food sources. With our ‘bee-support’ we gain pollinated trees and plants, as well as sweet honey. May our love and care for creation extend to ‘God’s tiny creatures our brothers and sisters in the journey of life. 
DID YOU KNOW: In South-west China, apple & pear trees must be hand-pollinated using pots of pollen and paintbrushes – a gigantic and inefficient task.  God’s bees & insects do better. Together we make the difference.
Spiritual Reading
Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of constant happiness, a protection against sadness. --St. John Chrysostom
Happy Tongan Language Week
                        Anga Faka'apa'apa- Respect  Lototo-Humility

Faka'apa'apa atu
With Respect
Malo 'Aupito- Thank you very much
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS