Thursday, 22 August 2019

1. Principal's News Week 5 Term 3 2019

Kapa Haka
With the North Otago Hui Ako coming up next week the numbers in our core kapa haka group have swelled and we have 59 children who have taken up the challenge to be up to speed with the items and ready to perform next week.  The children are fantastic.  We asked them to learn things in their own time.  And they have.  We are training them up to keep their mana when they face a full audience.  So they led at mass this morning. 

Tomorrow they will perform at assembly.  They are not 100% ready, we still have Monday to practice, but please come to assembly and support your children's work.  Let them know that the energy and passion they are putting out there is appreciated and hits the mark.  That will build them up even more for next week.  We will start assembly promptly at 2.30pm and they will be performing towards the end.  Thank you.

A big thank you to Cat Campbell who is our advisor.

Their performance will be around 1.15pm in the Opera House on Tuesday.  Please come.

Daffodil Day
There will be a Mufti Day next Friday for Daffodil Day and we will play our traditional year 8 versus teachers netball game starting at 1.15pm.  This will be followed by assembly starting at about 2.20pm where our Cross Country prizes will be given out.  Join us for the fun.  Children can wear yellow and please bring a gold coin donation.  All proceeds will go to Cancer support in North Otago.

Cultural Consultation
Representatives from our Pasifika, Chinese and Filipino communities met on Tuesday night to discuss our next three year strategic plan.

We talked about expectations from school and what sort of personal qualities employers look for.  Some of the things that came out were respect, honesty, diligence, kindness and resilience.  Our families wish to be part of a safe, inclusive, diverse community in North Otago.

To enable this to happen we discussed friendship and the openness and willingness to reach out to others, listen to them, find out about their lives and to get involved in community activities.  Our ideal community will not tolerate discrimination and members will actively work to support and help each other.

As a school with the privilege of educating the next generation we know we have some part in creating the world we all want to live in and so we take our community's aspirations seriously when we make our school plans.

Recent Whole Community Consultation

Each week I will feed a bit back about this recent consultation.  This week it's the vision:

Learning around the school
We keep our RE, reading, writing and maths programs as priorities.  Here are some of the other things we have been doing this week:

One of the most challenging leadership tasks for our year 8 leaders is preparing and leading our house choirs

Library time

Sharing their kites 

Library time

Some of our six year old girls decided to turn the camera on me 

Our year 8 girls at Cross Country

Ball skills

Some of our year 8 boys at Cross Country

The tents are out - Spring must be coming
God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Week 5 Term 3 2019

Special Dates

20th St Bernard
21st St Pius X (Pope)
22nd Queenship of Mary
Image result for pope francis prayer
Pope Francis prayer for August Evangelization: That families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly “schools of true human growth”. 
Together, let us ask Jesus that any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.

Lautado Si

The ban on single-use plastic bags!
As a result 2 billion plastic bags each year will be removed from the system. That's a LOT LESS plastic entering the marine environment and harming precious wildlife like turtles and whales.  What a huge victory possible only because of people like each one of us taking action to protect our oceans … And it is important to celebrate how far we’ve come. Now, thanks to the tireless work of many individuals and community organizations - the plastic pollution free future we want, is closer. Although we all know that bags are just the tip of the plastic iceberg it is a very significant step.  Together we make the difference!
Spiritual Reading
"There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over un-answered prayers." --St. Teresa of Avila
Praying with the Psalms- Psalm 86
I call to you in times of trouble,
 because you answer my prayers.
There is no god like you, O Lord,
 not one has done what you have done.
First Holy Communion Sunday 25th @ 9:30am St Patrick Cathedral Church
Pasifika Fiefia Night Thursday (tonight) @6pm Recreation Centre.

Thank you/Malo 'Aupito
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

3. School Notices - Week 5, Term 3 2019


Altar Servers

Saturday 24th August - Serah Staju, Luse & Sami Asi and Lachlan Criddle
Sunday 25th August - Indeg & Nye Jones-Hogan and Lisiate Hausia

Birthday Greetings to
Henry Robinson, Neight Fraser, Ben Gillies, Eva Keno and Emily McGeown

Cross Country
On Tuesday we held our first combined cross country with Oamaru North School which was a success.  The reason we are combining our cross country and athletics is because we are in the same North Otago Sports zone. Schools over a certain roll are in an individual zone and all the other schools combine with another school or two to make another zone. The weather gods ensured we had a good day for it which was neither hot nor wet.
The course offered something different this year with the children being able to go over jumps and across water, a real cross country. Congratulations to our children who participated in the cross country, especially the children who found it extremely difficult and persevered to the finish line, we are proud of you all.
A huge thank you goes to Rebecca Heffernan who helped with the set up and organisation of the course and also to our parent helpers and St Kevin's students who were our marshalls and our brilliant photographers Mrs Whiston and Mrs Stringer who were there to capture the moment. With over 200 photos of the children you can go to this link and view them.

2019 Cross Country

Certificates and trophies will be presented at assembly on Friday 30th August at 2.20 pm.

North Otago Cross Country - the first 6 children from either Oamaru North and St Joseph's have been given  a permission slip to attend the North Otago Cross Country on Monday 2nd September at 4.00 pm at the Oamaru Race course.  Can all permission slips be returned by Tuesday 27th August. We are looking for a couple of parent helpers to help out with the NOCC as our school is in charge of organising it this year.  Please let Mrs Brien know if you can help.

Otago Cross Country - is on Friday 30th August in Dunedin.  If your child is interested in attending, please let Mrs Brien know by next Monday 26th August.

Home and School Hungry Horse Cafe
The Yr 7 class are on cafe duty on Sunday 22nd September at the race course.  Parent volunteers are needed to do shifts throughout the day.
Last Sunday was another great day in the cafe and thank you to the Yr 8 parents who helped on the day.  They were joined in the dining room with the Magician Magic Max and Friends and Face Painter - Pop Face Art.  A huge THANK YOU to Glynn Cameron who is donating pies to the cafe for the rest of the year.

Keeping Our Kids Safe

All students will shortly be participating in the Keeping Ourselves safe programme. Attached to the email is information about keeping kids safe and including helpful tips for parents. 

Thursday 22 - Pasifika Fiafie night from 5.30 to 7.00 pm
Friday 23 - Singing Cup auditions
                 - assembly at 2.30 pm - Kapahaka group performing
Sunday 25 - First Holy Communion
Monday 26 - Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 27 - Kapahaka Festival at the Opera House

Scholastic Book Club

Book club orders close on Friday 30th August.

Can all winter sports uniforms and gear bags be washed and cleaned and returned to the office.  Coaches/managers/parents please let Mrs Brien know of any feedback regarding the winter sports season and email to thanks.

Basketball Draw - Wednesday 28th August
4.00 pm - St Joseph's Bolts v Waitaki Valley Vikings - back court - playing for 5th and 6th
4.50 pm - St Joseph's Cavaliers v Papakaio - main court - playing for 3rd and 4th
4.50 pm - St Joseph's Raptors v Weston Blue Wings - back court - playing for 5th and 6th


Score bench duty
4.00 pm - St Joseph's Cavaliers - main court - need a volunteer
4.50 pm - St Joseph's Bolts - back court - need a volunteer

North Otago Rugby are looking for a manager for the North Otago U16 rep side.  If you are interested in being the manager, please let Jason Forrest know at North Otago Rugby.

Yr 5/6 playground models
During this term the Yr 5/6 class decided they wanted to design a new playground.  This was stemmed from their peer writing and inquiry about the environment and which also involved maths measurement.
For the playgrounds to get off the ground, the children had to plan, design and build a model.  They had to think of safety, age level suitability, was it challenging, was it creative to use, would it suit someone with a disability and they had to use sustainable materials and no plastics.
The children did themselves proud with their amazing creations.

4. Diary Dates - Week 5, Term 3 2019

Friday 16                          -  Celebration assembly at 2.30 pm
Saturday 17                      -  Netball finishes today for Yrs 3-8
Sunday 18                        -  Home & School Racecourse Fundraiser – Yr 8 families
Monday 19                       -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
                                         -  First Communion Parent Meeting at 7.00 pm
Tuesday 20                       -  School Cross Country – 10.00 to 11.45 am  
                                         -  Keeping Ourselves Safe Parent Meeting at 2.30 pm
Wednesday 21                  -  School Cross Country Postponement date
Thursday 22                     -  School Mass at 9.15 am
                                         -  ECB and Young Vinnies
                                         -  Terrific Thursdays at 2.15 pm
                                         -  Pasifika Fiafie night – 5.30 to 7.00 pm
Friday 23                          -  Singing Cup auditions for Yrs 5-8
                                         -  Celebration assembly
Sunday 25                        -  First Holy Communion
Monday 26                       -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8  
Tuesday 27                       -  Kapahaka Festival at the Opera House
                                         -  Miniball finishes today
Wednesday 28                  -  Basketball finishes today
Thursday 29                     -  School Mass at 9.15 am
                                         -  Terrific Thursdays at 2.15 pm
Friday 30                         -  Mufti Day – wear something yellow *
                                         -  Staff v Yr 8 students in netball game at 1.30 pm *
                                         -  Celebration assembly at 2.20 pm – cross country certificates handed out *

Sunday 1                          -  Father’s Day
Monday 2                        -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
                                         -  North Otago Cross Country
Wednesday 4                    -  North Otago Cross Country postponement date
Thursday 5                       -  School Mass at 9.15 am
                                         -  ECB and Young Vinnies
                                         -  Terrific Thursdays at 2.15 pm
                                         -  Home and School meeting
Friday 6                            -  Celebration assembly at 2.30 pm
Monday 9                         -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 10                       -  HPV vaccinations for Yr 8
Wednesday 11                  -  Vision and Hearing
Thursday 12                     -  School Mass at 9.15 am
                                         -  Terrific Thursday at 2.15 pm
Friday 13                          -  Celebration assembly at 2.30 pm
Monday 16                       -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Tuesday 17                       -  Board of  Trustee meeting at 6.00 pm *
Friday 20                           -  Singing Cup for Yrs 5-8 at St Joseph’s School at 9.15 am
Sunday 22                         -  Home & School Racecourse Fundraiser
Monday 23                        -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Friday 27                           -  Term 3 finishes

Monday 14                       -  Term 4 starts
Tuesday 15                       -  School photos
Sunday 20                        -  Food Fair
Monday 28                       -  Labour Day holiday – school closed
Tuesday 29                      -  Yr 7 & 8 camp
                                         -  Book Fair Week
Wednesday 30                 -  Yr 7 & 8 camp
                                         -  Book Fair Week
Thursday 31                     -  Yr 7 & 8 camp
                                         -  Book Fair Week

Friday 1                            -  Yr 8 camp
                                         -  Book Fair Week
Friday 8                            -  St Patrick’s Church 125 year celebrations
Saturday 9                         -  St Patrick’s Church 125 year celebrations
Tuesday 12                        -  School athletics for whole school
Thursday 14                      -  School athletics postponement date
Monday 25                        -  North Otago Athletics
Friday 29                           -  Multicultural Day

Friday 20                           -  School finishes for the year at 12.30 pm

Thursday, 15 August 2019

1. Principal's News - Week 4 Term 3

The children are learning to think and act like scientists around the concept of Energy.  Here's some examples of what they are doing across the school.

Peace Flags
Our year 8s have had one of the original WW1 Oamaru Peace Flags in their room and have been inspired to make their own peace flags.

Happy Play at St Joseph's

Teacher Only Day
Our teachers did further investigation into curriculum capabilities in science and also had the opportunity to do some science investigation.

The Holy Spirit
The children have been learning about the Holy Spirit.  There are some ideas on our Holy Spirit for Parents page to help you support your child with learning about the Holy Spirit.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Week 4 Term 3 2019

Special Dates

Related image14th St Maximilian Kolbe
15th The Assumption of Mary
14th August 1941 - St Maximilian Kolbe a compassionate hero of WWII dies in Auschwitz in 1941.  
15th August 1945 is 'VJ' day. Victory over Japan 1945. Japan surrenders following the detonation of atomic bombs over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ended the Second World War. More than 200,000 New Zealanders had served during six long years of war, and more than 11,500 had died.
We pray for all who die in wars and for their family and friends who grieve. 
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin: Here is a video which explains about the Assumptions of our Mother Mary
Spiritual Reading
It is simply impossible to lead, without the aid of prayer, a virtuous life.
--Saint John Chrysostom
Lautado Si
*Planting more in our gardens where possible
*Planting in Community gardens
*Engaging in community programmes to revitalize and clean our rivers and streams
*Assisting with planting 
Since 2016, Kiwis have been increasing our native tree numbers. By counting the trees we all plant, we can measure our collective impact on climate change “Many hands make light work”. Living our lives with love makes all the difference.


  • Final Sacramental parent meeting Monday 19th at 7pm.
  • First Holy Communion on Sunday the 25th at 9:30am at St Patrick Basilica
  • Dominican Choir leading singing at Mass, please ensure your child will be there by 9:15am. Thank you for your support.

Malo 'Aupito/Thank you very much
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS