Friday, 21 February 2020

3. School Notices - Week 3, Term 1 2020


Altar Servers
Saturday 22nd February - Serah Staju, David Kilgour and Isaiah Castro
Sunday 23rd February - Lisiate Hausia

Birthday Greetings to
Celina Mascarenhas, Nilah Clark, Paige Strachan, Jack Phillips, Jack O'Neill, William Allardice, Reynaldo Marasigan and Manaia Darling.

Ash Wednesday - Wednesday 26th February
The senior children in years 4-8 will go to Ash Wednesday Mass next Wednesday in the church at 9.15 am and the junior school children  will go to a Liturgy in the hall at 10.00 am.  All parents are welcome to attend either Mass.

There will be NO school/parish Mass on Thursday 27th February as we are attending Mass on Wednesday.

Cricket Draw - Friday 21st February

Intermediate A - St Joseph's Volts v Valley Blue at SKC 2
Primary - St Joseph's Sparks v Valley at SKC Artificial 2

Goal Setting Meetings
A reminder that the next Goal Setting meetings is on Wednesday 26th February.  If you have not already made an appointment, please go to and the code is vtk99.

Home and School

There is a Home and School meeting tonight at 7.00 pm at the Northstar.  All welcome.

Information Forms
There are a few junior school families who have not returned their forms that were mailed out at the start of the year.  These need to be completed, signed and returned to the office asap because your child will not be able to walk to the pool without these forms being signed. They include the EOTC form, generic permission, medical and bus forms.

Lost Property
We are only 3 weeks into the new school year and already there is a pile of lost clothing.  Please have a look to see if any of it belongs to your child.

Rippa Rugby Tournament
There is trials for children in years 5 and 6 who want to be in the Year 6 Rippa Rugby team being held at lunchtime tomorrow for the North Otago Primary Schools Rippa Rugby tournament on Friday 20th March. This year we will not be sending any Yr 7 & 8 children as they have technology on that day. Teams for years 4/5 and 5/6 will be notified after the trials.  Children in year 4 do not need to trial. (We have to send the strongest Year 6 team to this tournament because the winning team has an all expenses paid trip to Wellington later this year).

Scholastic Book Club
All book club orders have to be handed into the office by Wednesday 26th February.

Junior Swimming
Our junior swimming lessons start on Monday 9th March and there are 6 lessons for children in Yrs 1-3 and at this stage the times are either 1.00 pm, 1.30 pm or 2.00 pm, however this could change to only 2 times as we work out how many swimming groups are required. If your child does swimming lessons at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre we will get your child's current swimming level from them.

The dates are:
Monday 9th March
Wednesday 11th March
Thursday 12th March
Monday 16th March
Tuesday 17th March
Thursday 19th March

We need parent helpers to help with walking to and from the pool on these dates. Once they are sorted into groups, we will confirm what time your child's class will be swimming as they maybe combined with another class.  Please let Mrs Brien know if you can help on any of these dates.

Senior Swimming
A very big thank to our wonderful parent helpers who helped with walking the children to the pool. A lot of the children showed huge improvement during their lessons and their confidence in the water.
Children who had their lessons in the small pool will unfortunately not be able to take part in the swimming sports on Friday 6th March as we cannot use the small pool on that day.  All children who swam in the main pool will be involved in the sports.

Friday 6th March at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre

Dear Parents
  • The senior swimming sports are for the Yr 4-8 children who have their lessons in the big pool. 
  • First race starts at 9.30 am sharp or earlier if ready beforehand and finished by 12.30 pm
  • All the children need to be at school by 8.50 am sharp as they are walking down to the
    pool at that time.  The roll will be taken before they leave school.
  • Children are not allowed to go straight to the pool
  • Children come to school in their PE uniform and change into their house colours at the
  • pool (no face paint, glitter or vivids).
  • They need to bring plenty of food and water
  • Helpers are required for timekeepers who will be shown how to time keep before the 
racing starts (seat guaranteed).  They need to be at the pool by 9.10 am. Let Mrs Brien know
if you can help. 
  • We require a parent who has a trailer or big car that can help transport chairs down to the
    pool on the day.
  • The sports will start with demonstration races for the children who can swim half a length
    in freestyle and/or backstroke.
  • The non-competitive and competitive events for each stroke and age group will follow.
  • All competitive races will be timed as there are no finals
  • Children have been entered into races they are confident in with both the swimming instructor
    and sports coordinator looking at them during their swimming lessons.
  • A programme of the events and what races your child will be swimming in will be put on the
noticeboard next week.
  • Programmes will be available to buy for a gold coin donation.  These will be available from the recorder. Please bring the correct change.
  • Children swim in their age group as of 6th March 2020 (date of swimming sports)
  • Places will be determined on times recorded
  • Starting procedure is whistle for quiet, ‘on your marks’ followed by a bang
  • False starts will sound with the clappers and/or whistle blowing
  • Everyone is to be quiet when the swimmers are under starter’s orders
  • The different events will be put on a whiteboard which will go past
  • Each teacher will have a copy of the programme
  • Children to listen carefully to marshalling calls
  • Time keeper slips (1 for each lane) – children to be given one at marshalling and give to
    the time keeper in your lane
  • Every competitive swimmer receives 2 house points and non-competitive will receive
    1 house point.  
  • Championship swimmers who get placings will earn 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd
    and 1 point for 3rd.
  • Demonstration race swimmers will earn 1 point for their house
  • Parents please sit on the opposite side of the pool to the children and the children will be
    required to stay in the stands as we won’t have time to find them if they miss their races.
  • Please do not approach the recorders for results
  • North Otago Swimming Sports- children who have qualified for the North Otago Swimming
    Sports will be required to perform the stroke correctly.  There will be someone checking on
technique at the sports and the children will be disqualified if they are using an incorrect
  • Entry for the North Otago sports is taken on times and not placings.  
  • The North Otago Swimming sports are on Wednesday 18th March and the fastest swimmers
    who qualify from both St Joseph’s and Oamaru North are notified.
  • Otago Primary School swimming sports take place on Saturday 4th April at Moana Pool in
    Dunedin.  The first race is at 9.00 am and the entry fee is $5.00 per race entered ($6 entry fee
for a relay).  If you wish for your child to take part in this, please let me know ASAP so we can
use the swimming times.  Entries to Mrs Brien by Thursday 19th March as no late entries will
be accepted.

All queries regarding these sports please contact me.  Thanks
Paula Brien, Sports Coordinator

Terrific Thursdays

Is open to all 4 years who are enrolled and starting school this year. They come on a Thursday
afternoon from 2.15 to 3.00 pm in the junior school. Terrific Thursdays will start up in term 2 due to
things happening in term 1.

Touch Rugby

All teams and coaches have now been finalised and thank you to our parents who have stepped up to be coaches/managers of these teams. Contact details have been given to coaches and parents so if your child cannot play or is running late to a game, please contact your coach.
The touch draw will be emailed out to you or it can be found by going to the North Otago Junior Touch Rugby Facebook page.

Fees - cost $20.00 which covers terms 1 and 4.  These can be paid into our school account with the reference touch rugby and your child's surname or paid into the office.
Please remember our sports code of conduct when playing and supporting the teams. The team lists are:

Tigers - Yr 1/2/3

William Allardice
Zachary Castro
Hunter Forrest
Lewis Geypen
Roger Luo
Theo Mestrom
Siale Tokai
Cooper van Rooy

MIlah Anderson
Lucy Fogarty
Emma Hu
Angelina Pardede

Ferns - Yr 4/5/6

Ayla Beattie
Pippa Campbell
Eva Fatafehi
Millie Fogarty
Paige Geypen
Leah Kofoed
Mya Robinson
Analiese Whiston

Pumas - Yr 4/5/6

Luke Bremner
Hamish Fowler
Hunter Gough
Marconi Hausia
Lucas Kofoed
Liam Lindsay
Vilivea Tahitu’a
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo

Coach – Victoria Forrest
Coaches: Justin/Rachel Fowler
Coaches: Suzanne Aston & Rebecca Meek

Rockets - Yr 4/5/6

Cameron Aston
Charlie Bremner
Tevita Leo
Blake Meek
Warren Pardede
Alex Perniskie
Fe’ofa’aki Tahitu’a
Daniel Woodhouse

Dynamos - Competitive 
Yr 7 / 8 

Isaiah Castro
Lisiate Hausia
Paddy Spillane
Riley Tuffley
Michael Woodhouse

OIS students

Ratu Earnest
William Pardede
Sione Tu’uefiafi
Kelepi Vai

Coaches – Adele Whiston and Jody Robinson
Coach – Lee Woodhouse 

Vision and Hearing Screenings
The Vision Hearing Technicians will be visiting our school to screen all year 7 students for distance vision.  If you do not wish your child to be screened please fill out an opt-out slip which is available from the school office.

We warmly welcome Lincoln (Yr 5) & Tadiwanashe (Yr 8) Mandiwona to our school.

Winter Sports Enrolments
An online winter sports enrolment form will be emailed to you either tomorrow or Monday if your child wishes to play a winter sport for St Joseph's.  A reminder that winter sports fees have to be paid up front before they can be put into a team so it would be a good chance to set up an automatic payment to pay for the sports before the season starts.
Again we reply on the generosity of parents/older siblings to help coach our teams as we cannot enter teams into the different sports codes without coaches.

Community Notices
  • Five Forks School Trail Ride - held on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March at Balruddery Road at Five Forks from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.  Further information is attached to the email.
  • Weston School Out of Hours Music & Art Classes - open to all North Otago children aged 8-12 years hosted by Weston School.  Music classes include saxophone, clarinet, guitar, drums, chanter/bagpipes and art classes.  Information and enrolments email or phone the Weston School office on 434 5445.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

1. Principal's News Week 3 Term 1 2020

Year 8 Leaders
One of the features of our intermediate department is the opportunity to lead the rest of our school.  I am really impressed with the way our head students, Lisiate, Marianne, Serah and Paddy have stepped forward into this opportunity.  Also our technology team are on the ground from day 1 and they have been amazing.  I don't envy the technology team as the 10% of the time technology fails is the only time we notice it. So thank you technology team for having the guts to go and do it.  This team has already shone through leading code club last year.  Our physical activity leaders are booked in for a day's training in their role.  Our house captains and librarians are planning forwards for their roles knowing they need to be planned and ready for when the year begins to gain traction and we're looking forward to seeing what happens.  Libby, our environmental leader has already led our environment team in a university-based research study at Moeraki.

Our Tech Team
So, exciting times for our year 8s and lots of potential and opportunity for personal growth.  Our fantastic teacher aide. Michele Fatafehi, has offered her drama and speech skills as an extension for our senior students to help them to grow the vocal aspect of their roles and increase confidence in their delivery.  Thank you Michele.

Places at St Joseph's
We are in the unusual situation of having places available at St Joseph's.  Please tell your friends.  We are looking for like-minded families who may or may not be Catholic.  Our places will go quickly.  We will be having an information evening for interested families to find out more:

Thursday 5th March
6.00 to 6.30 pm
School Staffroom

Meeting Parents
It has been fantastic to meet many parents in our parent goal setting meetings this week and we look forward to meeting the rest of our parents next week.  If haven't yet booked the booking code is: .              vtk99

Vision Screening Permission
Our health nurse will be coming on Wednesday 11 March 9.00 am.  The nurse will be seeing all year 7s and year 8s who have not had their vision checked yet.  Please let me know if you wish to OPT OUT of this service.  Otherwise all children will be screened.  Thank you.

Hoiho's (Yr 5/6) Self Portraits

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2.Special Character Week 3 Term 1 2020

Special Character Focus:
This week we are still focusing on the Dominican Charism and Prayer. Here are some of St Dominic's characteristics:

St. Dominic - "Arm yourself with prayer...." - Every Day is a Gift | DEVOTIO: -Compassion for people in their spiritual needs which inspired him with a consuming desire to preach.
-Prayer as he was convinced that preaching without prayer would not be effective.
-Penance and poverty including hardship and fasting.

Special Dates
22nd Chair of St Peter

Faith Facts: Week 3
Pope Francis prayer for February

Listen to the Migrants' Cries
We pray that the cries of our migrant brothers and sisters, victims of criminal trafficking, may be heard and considered. “Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes on Earth. Right now traffickers are robbing a staggering 24.9 million people of their freedom and basic human dignity.”
June 2019 Michael R. Pompeo US Secretary of State (Other sources estimate the number is millions higher!)

Spiritual Reading
Thank you/Malo 
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

4. Diary Dates - Week 3, Term 2 2020

Friday 21

Sunday 23
Tuesday 25
Wednesday 26

Thursday 27
Friday 28

Thursday 5

Friday 6
Monday 9
Wednesday 11

Thursday 12
Friday 13

Monday 16
Tuesday 17
Wednesday 18
Thursday 19
Friday 20

Monday 23

Friday 27
Sunday 29

Friday 3
Thursday 9
Friday 10
Saturday 11
Sunday 12
Monday 13
Monday 27
Tuesday 28

Friday 3
Monday 20

Friday 25

Monday 12

Rippa Rugby trials for Yr 5 & 6 *
Celebration assembly at 2.30 pm 
Home and School Racecourse fundraiser 
Home and School Racecourse fundraiser 
Parent Goal Setting meetings 
Scholastic Book Club orders due back in *
Ash Wednesday Mass for seniors and junior Liturgy in the hall *
No school mass today *
Technology for Yr 7 & 8 
Celebration assembly at 2.30 pm *

Parish School Mass at 9.15 am *
Public Information Evening at 6.00 pm *
Senior school swimming sports from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm 
Junior school swimming lessons *
Junior school swimming lessons *
Vision hearing tests *
Junior school swimming lessons *
Technology for Yr 7 & 8 
Celebration assembly at 2.30 pm *
Junior school swimming lessons *
Sacrament of Reconciliation Parent meeting at 7.00 pm 
Junior school swimming lessons *
North Otago Swimming Sports 
Junior school swimming lessons *
Rippa Rugby tournament 
Yr 7 & 8 Technology 
Otago Anniversary Day - school closed 
Sacrament of Reconciliation Parent meeting at 7.00 pm 
Technology for Yr 7 & 8 
Sacrament of Reconciliation Mass 

Technology for Yr 7 & 8 
Holy Thursday – last day of school  for term 1
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
ANZAC Day observed – school closed
Term 2 starts

Last day of school for term 2
School starts for term 3

Last day of school for term 3

School starts for term 4