Friday, 22 May 2020

Principal's News Term 2 Week 6 2020

Welcome Back

Welcome back and a big thank you to our parents who have prepared your children so well for a return to school.  They are back to business as usual and they are calm and happy.  We have decided to spend the first two weeks keeping things quiet and settling back into routines and I am happy to tell you this is working well.

Catholic Education in Oamaru
Do you realise that you will have a say in what happens to St Joseph's?  Please diary 3 June at 6.30pm for a gathering to investigate further.

In the meantime, over the next few weeks, I intend to share some snippets of our education history.  This is our whakapapa - our genealogy.  Whether or not we come from Oamaru, this is the tradition we have come into and the one behind our turangawaewae - the place where we stand here in Oamaru.

The very first Catholic institution in Oamaru was St Patrick's school which was built on our present site in Usk Street in 1872.  This was run by lay (people not in a religious order) Catholic staff.   This was replaced at Usk Street by the first church and combined school which was arranged by Bishop Moran and Mother Gabriel of the Dominican order.  This church/school was called St Joseph's and was on the present St Joseph's land.

St Joseph's church and school at Usk Street, looking West roughly from where the hall is now
I will share some more next week.

Wheels Day
We are having wheels days this Friday and next Friday.  Children can bring non-motorised wheels of any description as long as they have a helmet.

Upcoming Events
We have had to have a rethink of some of our cherished traditions in the light of Covid 19.

We are very lucky that Oamaru racetrack has been saved and will eventually be open to the public again - what a great relief for our Oamaru community!  That means the Home and School will be eventually able to resume your running of the Hungry Horse cafe which is a major fundraiser for our school.

We have very reluctantly decided that this year we will not run our International Food Fair.  Our community may not have much extra cash this year and so we have decided to miss this fund-raiser this year.

Normally in term 2 in even years our senior school would be preparing our biannual production.  We may not be able to invite the public in for a performance.  So we have decided that we will make a movie instead of a live performance.  This will tie in with our learning in literacy, digital technology and visual language and we would hope to have it complete and ready to share in term 4.

Singing Cup is still planned for term 3.

Aroha and God Bless,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

Thursday, 21 May 2020

2. Special Character Week 6 Term 2 2020

Welcome/Kiaora/Malo e Lelei

Faith Facts 18th May – 22nd (White)
Sixth week of Easter
20th St Bernardine of Spain
21st St Rita of Cascia
24th World Communications Day
24th 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’

VATICAN CITY -- With fake news becoming ever more sophisticated, people need the wisdom, courage and patience to discern and embrace constructive stories,
Pope Francis said.Pope's Message for Lent 2020 - ZENIT - English
"We need stories that reveal who we truly are, also in the untold heroism of everyday life," Pope Francis wrote in his message for World Communications Day 2020.

 C:\Users\CDD\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\E833B80F.tmpLaudato Si 

Lautado Si

It is an inspirational letter from Pope Frances that calls for us to examine our hearts, transform our social values and take action for global solidarity. The encyclical captures the disconnectedness of social, economic and environmental justice in building and protecting Our Common Home.

Special Character Focus
This week and next week we continue teaching the Holy Spirit Strand and Pentecost. This study will give our children the resources to gain and apply knowledge and skills, attitudes and values to understand and integrate into their lives. Our selection of the key ideas is guided by our understanding of the Nicene Creed, the founding belief statement of the Catholic faith dating back to the Council of Nicea in AD325: Biblical teaching; Church tradition; and the Catechism of the Catholic church which the original RE curriculum documents are based on. 
Key Ideas
1-The Holy Spirit acts in people and in the Church
2. The Holy Spirit appears in Bible stories.
3. The Holy Spirit is the third person the Trinity.

TERM TWO SCRIPTURE / PRAYERS 2020 - from Wk 6 - 12 The aim for these short scriptures, is to draw a link between what has been said by God and by Jesus, that is relevant to us at present. (Really all the time but heightened at present.) I have selected these scriptures after searching for “scripture stories to bring people together”. The focus being on us starting again together and that following the Words of Scripture will help us to work and play well together.

Week 6
Ephesians 4:32 Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. The Good News: This verse is asking us to be kind to each other especially if someone has done something wrong. By doing this we are treating others as Jesus treats us. Through the kindness and love of God and Jesus we are forgiven when we have done the wrong thing. NEW TESTAMENT - After the Ascension - Paul's Letters to the churches.
1  Thank you/Malo Aupito
    God Bless
    Tua Misiloi Co DRS

3. School Notices - Week 6, Term 2 2020

Birthday Greetings
Kacymea Tahitu'a and Taylor Darling

Please give a reason when your child will be absent from school as we are required to record all known absences otherwise we have to mark them as truant.

There will be no assemblies on Friday afternoons until further notice.

Home and School

The Home and School wish to advise you about the following events in regard to the current mass gatherings and health and safety requirements.

Pie and Milo - during level 2 they will not be able to do the weekly pies and milo on a Wednesday.  They will let you know when this will resume again.

Food Fair - there will be no Food Fair this year.

Hungry Horse Cafe - the Home and School run this cafe at the Oamaru Harness Club race meetings as a major fundraiser for our school.  The May, June and July meetings have been cancelled and the Oamaru Racetrack will start to have meetings in August with the cafe operating in September.  There will be 9 race meetings to cater for when the public are allowed to go back to sporting events.  A new roster will be organised once the dates are confirmed in preparation for the start of the new season.

The cafe is the only source of income for the foreseeable future and as a school family we need to get behind this.  As there will be a real loss of disposable income in the community, this fundraiser is something that is not going to cost us as parents but only our time. With your help, the Home and School will be able to keep contributing much needed extra financial support to our school that goes towards helping our very important children with their much needed resources.

At this stage all inter-schools are postponed until further notice including the junior quadrangular tournament which was due to be played on June in Dunedin for our intermediate teams.

Sacramental Programme
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the rules around mass gatherings, the Sacramental Programme (First Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation) has been cancelled this year. The children affected by this situation will take part in the Sacramental Programme next year.

Subway Lunches
Subway has notified us that there will be no school lunches until further notice as they wait for instruction regarding Covid Level 2 next week.

Yr 7 & 8 students will start technology again at St Kevin's on Friday 5th June.

The New Norm
Under the new regulations of washing your hands frequently during the day, the children have adapted quickly to this new regime at school.  When entering the school they sanitise their hands and wash them before eating at both break and lunch time and sanitise their hands when they come back into the classroom. Ruma Hoihoi children are sanitising their hands after lunch.

Uniform Shop

Is open on Thursday afternoons from 2.30 to 3.00 pm.

Visitors on Site (including parents)

All visitors (including parents) are to report to the office during the hours of 9.00 to 3.00 pm so we have a record of you being in the school for contact tracing records.  This means if you are dropping off a lunch, bag, pe clothes etc you have to come to the office and we will give them to your child. Even if you are in the school for a minute, you still need to sign in as parents are not allowed to go to the classrooms during school time.  Parents need to sign the visitor register in the foyer if they are dropping off their children between 8.30 and 9.00 am.  Thank you.


We warmly welcome our new children who started school recently.  Talaialo Taiti, Mark Laming and Eric John.
Wheels Day
This will be held on tomorrow and next Friday at lunchtimes on the senior basketball court.  Children are allowed to bring bikes, roller skates,scooters and skateboards and everyone has to wear a helmet otherwise they cannot join in.

Winter Sports
Basketball, football, hockey, netball and rugby associations are in the process of gathering information from the community regarding the 2020 season.  The associations are waiting on feedback from their members in regards to how the season will be run. Some codes have had their meetings and have temporarily pencilled in starting dates and processes and they will notify everyone after the public health announcement next Monday 25th May.

St Joseph's needs to know if there are any children who said they were going to play a winter sport but have now decided not too due to the changes.  We have to notify the clubs and let them know if and how many teams St Joseph's will be fielding for each code.  All sports associations are asking all the clubs for this information so they can make decisions on the 2020 season.

Important - Please let Mrs Brien know by Monday if your child wishes to withdraw from playing a winter sport this year.  She will be letting the clubs know on Monday how many teams we will have.  These codes are all waiting to hear more about the guidelines after Monday's announcement.

Basketball - could look at playing in term 3.
Football - waiting on information from clubs about numbers
Hockey - waiting on information from clubs about numbers
Netball - look at playing in term 3 with a proposed start date of 25th July. Waiting on information from clubs about numbers. Please look for a separate email which is sent out on behalf of North Otago Netball.
Rugby - senior rugby looking at starting in June and waiting on information from clubs about numbers for junior rugby. Please look for a separate email which involves information regarding rugby guidelines.  Please email your comments back to Mrs Brien before Tuesday 26th May.

ST JOSEPH’S BASKETBALL NAMES 2020 amended 18-3-20
Yr 7/8 Boys
5 aside
Yr 7/8 Girls
5 aside
Yr 8
Sami Asi
Tadiwanashe Mandiwona
Paddy Spillane
Riley Tuffley
Lachan Wilkinson
Michael Woodhouse
Laura Patterson
Alexie Phillips
Ziah Rollan
Mazvita Rondozai
Atlanta Williams-McDowell

Yr 7
Kacymea Tahitu’a

Coach:  Cranos Chikowore along
with Troy Chikowore & Cody Marshall
Coach:  Lucy Hitchcock

amended 16-3-20

5 aside
5 aside
Yr 5
Blake Meek
Joaquin Perez
Vilivea Tahitu’a
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo

Yr 4
Tevita Leo
Liam Lindsay
Fe’ofa’aki Tahitu’a

Yr 6
Luse Asi

Yr 4
Evie Phillips

Yr 3
Aria Oakes

Coach: Judith Leo
Manager: Rebecca Meek
Coach:  tbc


Midget – 5 aside
Age 4,5 or 6 years

Marco Alegre – 6 yrs
William Allardice - 6 yrs
Zachary Castro – 6 yrs

amended 16-3-20

Fun Sticks Grade
Yr 1 & 2)
(Yr 5 & 6)
Roger Luo - Yr 2
Mya Robinson - Yr 6
(play for a club)
Fun Sticks
Is skills based sessions run at the hockey club each Tuesday and players turn up and join in altogether.

7 a-side
7 a-side
Small Blacks
10 a-side

Manase Oakes (NE)


William Allardice - 6 yrs


Milah Anderson - 7 yrs
Cameron Aston - 8 yrs
Jac Bradley – 8 yrs
Luke Bremner – 8 yrs
Millie Fogarty - 7 yrs
Lewis Geypen - 7 yrs
Marconi Hausia – 8 yrs
Theo Mestrom - 7 yrs
Jack Phillips - 7 yrs
Fe’ofa’aki Tahitua – 8 yrs


Junior Blacks
15 aside
Super Blacks
15 aside
Luse Asi – 10 yrs
Hamish Fowler – 10 yrs
Elias Fraser – 10 yrs
Stirling Heffernan - 9 yrs
Marko Hubber - 10 yrs
Blake Meek - 9 yrs
Warren Pardede - 9 yrs
Kacymea Tahitu’a – 10 yrs
Vilivea Tahitu’a - 9 yrs
Daniel Woodhouse - 9 yrs
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo - 9 yrs

Sami Asi – 12 yrs
Isaiah Castro - 11 yrs
Paddy Spillane – 12 yrs
Michael Woodhouse - 12 yrs

James Bremner - 11 yrs - OIS
William Pardede - 11 yrs - OIS

2020 Netball Names  16-3-20

Yr 8 & 7
7 aside
Yr 6 & 5
7 aside
Yr 4 & 3 
5 aside
Yr 2 & 1
4 aside
Mariah Cunningham
Hannah Fowler
Bella Hubber
Lilly Kelcher
Lavina Ma
Ivy-Belle Mestrom
Laura Patterson
Alexie Phillips
Mazvita Rondozai
Libby Seddon
Serah Staju
Jayla Strong ?
Paige Strachan
Atlanta Williams


Yr 6
Milly Campbell
Kacee-Mae Gibbins
Indeg Jones-Hogan

Ally-May Rawson

Yr 5
Eva Fatafehi


Yr 4
Manu Ahotaeiloa
Pippa Campbell
Jayda Meikle
Georgia Moore
Evie Phillips
Sephrin Staju

Yr 3
Mele Ahotaeiloa
Hila’atu Leo
Aria Oakes
Holly Ridgway


Yr 2
Celina Mascarenhas
Mia Ridgway
Lilani Roos
Dihviyn Soane