Thursday, 2 November 2017

2. Special Character Week 3, Term 4 2017

Faith Facts this week include:- 

All Saints
This feast day grew out of the love and devotion of God's people. The Church chose this feast to honour God in the saints. The communion of saints is made up of all true children of God. We thank God as the creator of all holiness and for the graces God has showered upon them.

All Souls' Day
This feast day is one of the most loving celebrations in the Church's year.
It is the day that we especially remember all those who have passed from this life into the next.
We stop to remember all who have died especially our relatives and friends.
We pray for those who taught us good things and made sacrifices for us.
We pray for those who prayed for us while they were on this earth.
We pray for the most forgotten souls.
We pray for those who had great responsibilities while they were on earth.

At Mass and pray for all souls that have hastened their journey to God.

God Bless
Nicola Winders

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