Thursday, 18 June 2015

1. Principal News Week 9 Term 2

School Interviews
Our parent, staff, student interviews are after school on Monday 29th June and Wednesday 1st July. Please go online to book a time that suits you and your family or contact the office to book a time for you. Here is the link and our school code.
Code: C7EML

Film Makers Club
This afternoon was the final session for the film making group. They have worked hard over the past couple of weeks to plan, act, direct and edit their very own movie with the help of two experts - Maddie Maxwell and Bridget Ellis. Their movie is called Lord of the Swings and will preview at a film festival later in the year. Everyone will be invited to come along. Many of the children are keen to create their own movies as a result of this unique experience.
Our film makers watch their movie

Catholic Convention
Horizons of Hope was the theme of this year's national Catholic Education Convention in Wellington. It was chosen because it was forward looking and inspirational. The phrase was coined by Pope Francis and reflects the bible passage in the book of Jeremiah: "Yes I know the plans I have for you, plans for peace....a future full of hope."
Every three years, representatives from 258 Catholic schools and early childhood centres across New Zealand come together to learn from and interact with one another.
This year Mrs Frances Rees and I presented a seminar called Authentic Catholic Leadership. You can watch the slide show and read more about it on this link.

Transition to high school
A couple of weeks ago, some of our Year 8 leaders got a chance to present a slideshow about the ways that they engage in learning to staff at St Kevin's College. This was part of our Whitestone Learning and Change network initiative.
You can watch the presentation and videos of some of the students sharing on this link.
Go to the student presentation on this link

Go to the LCN presentation on this link
Leadership Course
Today was the second day of a four day leadership course for staff from across North Otago being held at St Joseph's led by Murray Fletcher from the Otago Centre for Leadership. Mrs Burke attended this excellent course last year. Mr Cartlidge and Miss Huls are participating this year. There will be two more days here in Term 3.
Staff from different schools participate in the leadership workshop

Murray Fletcher the workshop facilitator
Thanks to Maree Wilson and her mother for supporting the workshop by supplying morning tea and lunch.
Stay warm and dry over the next few days as we all continue to Reach for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic Faith in all that we do.

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