Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Veritas Award
Congratulations to Kelsey Mills for receiving the Yr 8 ‘Veritas’ Award for term 1.  This award was a gift from the Breen Family to the school in 2002.  It was presented to the school in appreciation of 8 years of experience, Sam, Peter and Robbie Breen had at St Joseph’s.  They asked for this award to be given for ‘positive contribution to school life’.  This award is presented to a Yr 8 student at the end of Terms 1, 2 and 3 at St Joseph's.

Parish Cup
Congratulations to this family who received the 'Parish Cup' for Term 1. This award was donated to St Joseph’s School on behalf of the O’Neill Family.  As a token of their gratitude, they donated the Parish Cup for St Joseph’s children who contribute to the parish community either by regular attendance at Mass, or for service to the parish such as operating the overhead projector, alter serving or other services.  They saw the cup as a way of recognising, acknowledging and celebrating the children’s involvement in Parish life. 


Principal's Award
Congratulations to Megan Small and Matthew Gough who both received the 'Principal's Award' recently for demonstrating our school values of respect, reverence, resilience and good relationships.

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